The code of the modern-day samurai

The Modern Samurai is not one who goes to war or kills people, but one who is dedicated to the creation of a more vivid peace.

The Modern Samurai honors the traditional samurai virtues:  loyalty, integrity, dignity, courtesy, courage, prudence, and benevolence.

The Modern Samurai seeks to prevent violence of every type or, should violence occur, to transform it into harmony.

The Modern Samurai takes full responsibility for his or her actions.

The Modern Samurai pursues self-mastery through will, patience, and diligent practice.

The Modern Samurai respects and values the human individual and the entire web of life on this planet.  To serve others is of the highest good.  To freely give and accept nourishment from life is the warrior's challenge.

The Modern Samurai seeks the inner freedom that comes from the study of art, culture, and the wisdom of the ages.

The Modern Samurai reveres the spiritual realm that lies beyond appetites and appearances.

The Modern Samurai aims to achieve control and act with abandon.

The Modern Samurai is willing to take calculated risks to realize his or her potential and further the common good.

The Modern Samurai realizes that being a warrior doesn't mean winning or even succeeding.  It does mean putting your life on the line.  It means risking and failing and risking again, as long as you live.

The Modern Samurai cherishes life and thus conducts his or her affairs in such a manner as to be prepared at every moment for death.