Schumann Resonance, Human Chakra, Music and Healing

It is interesting that the Base Chakra corresponding to the note C is the 33rd octave of the first Schumann Resonance.

   Middle C on the musical scale has a frequency of 261.63 Hz.

   If we divide this frequency by 7.83 Hz. (Schumann Resonance)

the result is 33, the 33rd. octave.


Most music, it is told, is primarily based on the note C. Is it possible the musical scale can be traced to the Schumann Resonances? Do "original/natural" Man and Woman have a first hand knowledge of these vibrations?

Imagine the natural peoples-original culture peoples-- being exposed at Power Spots to Schumann Resonance where it has been amplified. The healing arts as well as music can be linked to these natural vibrations.

It has also been said that Human consciousness occurs at a frequency of 39 Hz. The sixth Schumann Resonance. (Vibration).

The resonances are very broad frequency wise. Each can occupy a space of up to 1hz.

Also keep in mind there is Diurnal variation with the resonances. Both these factors allow for the slight variation in frequency. 

First, look into 7.83Hz.  The best match with B# (7.71675Hz). 

Is it a mere coincidence that B is also the crown chakra resonant value?

 Then 14Hz, a match with A (13.75Hz), which again fits into the chakra arrangement as the third eye.  I also find it interesting that both of these frequencies are beyond our hearing range, while the others are within our range! 

Onto 21Hz, a match to E (20.601Hz), which corresponds with the solar plexus chakra. 

26Hz a match with G# (25.956Hz), corresponding with the throat chakra.

33Hz a match with C (32.703Hz), which corresponds with the base chakra

39Hz at match with D# (38.89Hz), corresponding with the sacral chakra.

 Finally,  look at the 45Hz resonant, a match with F#, which corresponds with the heart chakra.  Again, is all this a coincidence?

Human consciousness resonates at 39Hz.  If you lower 39Hz by two octaves you get 9.75Hz, which is very close to 10Hz, which is approximately the "heartbeat" of Mother Earth!

 Mere coincidence?... not!  Each of these frequencies best fit somewhere between D# (9.7225Hz) and E (10.3005Hz)!  

Can you imagine an original culture healer singing or humming and rattling or drumming at various frequencies while fanning herbal smoke towards an area on the patient's body where attunement is needed?

Can you believe the smoke to be a congealer or coalescer of the vibrations?  The smoke a concentrator containing resonances?  (It would be much like radio, where the audio is carried by the frequency.)

We live on quite a marvelous planet indeed ...