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Last Updated on:  11/12/2011 02:26 PM

Photovoltaic cells (PVs) are a very different technology from solar water heating, and use light to generate electricity. They are particularly well suited to sites where a grid connection would be difficult or expensive or that are only used in the summer. For an independent power supply, solar works well with wind as there is a good balance of both over the year. Solar electricity, like electricity from other renewable energy sources, doesn't produce carbon dioxide or harm the environment.

Although start-up costs are higher than other renewable technologies, PVs have key advantages:

  • there are no moving parts to fix so they are relatively easy to install and maintain
  • they can be sited in urban areas and are not restricted in the way that wind and hydro-power systems are
  • they can replace other roofing materials, for example tiles. The cells are embedded in a flat, waterproof material to form 'modules', which make ideal cladding material for walls and roofs
  • they need not take up any additional land space.


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