Greening Initiatives

Greening Federal Facilities

Greening Federal Facilities, Second Edition, is a comprehensive resource guide for Federal facility and energy managers, designers, planners, and construction staff. It highlights practical actions you can take to:
  • Save energy, water, and money
  • Improve the productivity and comfort of Federal employees
  • Benefit the environment.
This guide is designed to help the nation achieve greater efficiency and sustainability in more than 500,000 government buildings and facilities. The second edition updates and expands on the first one. It covers important topics like these:
  • Site and landscaping issues
  • Sustainable building design
  • Energy-efficient lighting, heating, and cooling
  • Efficient appliances, motors, and electric power systems
  • Water and wastewater issues
  • Sustainable materials selection, waste management, and recycling
  • Indoor air quality
  • Best practices to reduce adverse environmental impacts of government operations.
Greening Federal Facilities reflects a long-standing commitment to make government work better and cost less; use the Federal government's purchasing power to stimulate markets for U.S. energy and environmental technologies; and save taxpayers money by reducing the cost of materials, waste disposal, and energy.

Greening Federal Facilities, Second Edition (PDF 2833 KB; 211 pages)

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