The activities of the Scientific Research Council (SRC) will soon make Septic Tanks and Soak-away Pits, which can cause pollution to the environment, a thing of the past. It achieves this through the application of anaerobic technology.

Anaerobic technology is the process of treating wastewater without using oxygen. Many countries in Europe and Latin America utilize this technology, which treats wastewater in an environmentally friendly manner, facilitating its use for irrigation or its return to water bodies without polluting them. The process also generates organic fertilizer and biogas (a form of fuel) by allowing naturally occurring bacteria to break down solid waste. The Biodigester System operates on the principles of anaerobic technology, and is used to treat organic farm waste. Another variant, the Biodigester Septic Tank (BST) is an on-site sanitation unit that utilizes anaerobic technology for the disposal of toilet (black) wastewater as well as of kitchen and bathroom (grey) water, in a closed system. The SRC currently applies this technology instead of septic tanks and absorption pits on several farms, housing complexes and single households to treat animal waste and domestic sewage.

Many communities, farms, organizations and institutions have benefited from Scientific and Technological solutions as the SRC works with them to develop environmentally friendly waste management systems. The SRC has assisted with the development and implementation of a Biodigester System in Western Kingston. The system treats solid waste - banana skin; and liquid waste – sewage; to generate biogas and organic fertilizer at a local chip factory in the community. The organic fertilizer (treated solid waste) will be utilized by the factory and/or sold to small farmers as soil conditioners. The John Bascoe Boys’ Home in Hatfield, Manchester, is another example of the successful application of Biodigester Technology. At this Boy’s Home, food crops are produced from treated organic waste, treated wastewater used for irrigation and biogas used to cook meals and for other energy related purposes.

There are many benefits to be derived from the use of anaerobic technology. The Method is simple in construction and operation, and consequently inexpensive. Biogas Projects should aid in the reduction of fuel cost, as it is more cost effective to use biogas than Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) as fuel.

The Need for Biodigester Septic Tanks?

Let us help you to 'turn your trash into cash' through our waste management programme. Prevent waste! Reuse and Recycle your waste without harming the environment.

Let us help you to reduce your operational cost through waste management. We can design wastewater treatment systems, that utilizes the principle of anaerobic technology. We can build biodigesters that will utilize your domestic and commercial waste to generate biogas - an alternative source of fuel, which is cheaper than liquid petroleum gas (LPG).

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