National Biodiesel Board
If you're looking for the latest news, factsheets, bulletin boards, fuel suppliers and marketers, legislative updates, a searchable reports database, even cool biodiesel apparel — it's all here at this national trade association site. Founded in 1992 by state soybean commodity groups who were funding biodiesel research and development programs, NBB cooperators now include industry, government and academia. Of particular value are their factsheets, including, Biodiesel: On the Road to Fueling the Future, a 20-page booklet with information on lubricity, formulation and handling, as well as success stories.

Biodiesel Alliance
A national coalition of nonprofit health and environmental groups founded by the NBB to advocate and educate about biodiesel. Organizations have to join to get their free monthly newsletter, Biodiesel Bulletin, but there's no membership fee.

National Biofuels Program (US Dept of Energy)
This site has a number of useful reports and factsheets, including “Biodiesel Handling and Use Guidelines,” a 20-page booklet for biodiesel users and distributors with information on biodiesel quality, blending, storage, safety and incentives. They also offer a quarterly publication, Biofuels News.

Many of the Biofuels Program staff work through Regional Biomass Energy offices, which are intended to help advance the use of biomass feedstocks and technologies, identify market niches, disseminate information, and demonstrate projects. In the Northwest, contact Jeff James at 206-553-2079.

Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Network (US Dept of Energy)
An extensive reference site, with access to over 80,000 documents, EREN appears to do the best job of searching DOE resources. You can also “Ask an Energy Expert,” join a discussion group, or subscribe to their weekly EREN Network News. Feel free to contact them via e-mail or call 800-363-3732.

Alternative Fuels Data Center (US Dept of Energy)
AFDC is “a one-stop shop for all your alternative fuel and vehicle information needs,” featuring a searchable database, interactive fuel station mapping system, listings of available alternative fuel vehicles, and much more. Better organized and apparently more up-to-date than other DOE websites, their Publications List alone is worth reviewing. They also offer a National Alternative Fuels Hotline at 800-423-1363 from 9am to 6pm Eastern time, and a quarterly Alternative Fuel News produced in cooperation with their Clean Cities Program.

Clean Cities Program (US Dept of Energy)
Clean Cities seeks to promote public-private partnerships that deploy alternative fuel vehicles and build supporting alternative fuel infrastructure. Download the “Clean Cities Roadmap” for a good overview of the program. Three coalitions are already active in the Northwest:
Puget Sound, Linda Graham, 206-684-0935
• Columbia-Willamette, Larry Medearis, 503-460-4080
• Rogue Valley, Steve Vincent, 541-858-4773

Bioenergy & Energy Alternatives Program (US Dept of Agriculture)
These folks are trying to create jobs and economic activity, reduce dependence on foreign oil, and improve the environment by developing alternate energy sources and increasing the use of agricultural crops as feedstocks for biofuels. A good first stop to see what this agency is working on.

Biofuels Research Program (US Dept of Agriculture)
A listing of reports available from their Agricultural Research Service.

Bioenergy Program (US Dept of Agriculture)
This effort from the Farm Service Administration seeks to stimulate industrial consumption of agricultural commodities by promoting their use in bioenergy production. A good place to keep an eye open for funding.

Biobased Products & Bioenergy Program (US Dept of Agriculture)
A variety of loans and grants are available from this branch of the Rural Business-Cooperative Service. They’re looking to finance technologies needed to convert biomass into biobased products and bioenergy to compete in large national and international markets.

Biomass Research & Development Initiative

This multi-agency effort seeks to coordinate and accelerate all Federal biobased products and bioenergy research and development. Their website is a good place to track legislation, government reports and news items. Consider subscribing to their monthly Biobased Fuels, Power and Products Newsletter.

State Contacts
State programs are one of your best sources for technical information and financial assistance. In the Northwest, contact:
Idaho - John Crockett, Idaho Energy Division, 208-327-7962
Montana - Howard Haines, Department of Environmental Quality, 406-444-6773
Oregon - John White, Office of Energy, 503 378-3194 or Mark Kendall, 503-378-6043
Washington - Kim Lyons, WSU Energy Program, 360-956-2083

Northwest Suppliers
Check the listings provided by websites mentioned above for suppliers in your area. Many marketers of biodiesel can distribute anywhere in the country, and the proximity of your potential usage to their mailing address is not necessarily relevant to supply logistics or price structure.

In the Northwest, Lilyblad Petroleum of Tacoma WA (253-572-4402) and Pacific Northwest Biodiesel of Aloha OR (503-844-0290) regularly handle biodiesel. The only retail outlet in the region is Dr. Dan’s Alternative Fuels Werks at 912 NW 50th Street in Seattle (206-783-5728).

Source for Renewable Energy
This site offers a comprehensive buyers guide and business directory to more than 5000 renewable energy businesses and organizations around the world. Look here for a listing of Biomass Energy Businesses.

Montana Biodiesel
This research, development and commercialization offshoot of the Unversity of Montana is exploring innovative methods of utilizing the state’s seed oil crops. They currently produce some 10,000 gallons a month. For more information, contact Paul Miller.

Journey to Forever
A great resource for the do-it-yourselfer, including an online library, news clippings, recipes and a guide to suppliers. They also coordinate two mailing lists, one on information-sharing for folks making their own fuel, and a second on making biofuels for distribution.

A fun group of biodiesel advocates in Aloha, Oregon that get together to socialize and promote biodiesel use. They’re even working on establishing a Biodiesel Motorsport Association. Contact Dean Wiest, or Bill Isbister at 503-591-0832.

World Energy
The largest provider of alternative fuels in the country, they offer a nice collection of industry news clips and useful factsheets.

Biodiesel Industries
These folks also have a variety of on-line resources