The Way of KI

The road to Ki development as infinite so infinitesimal as above, so below, as outside, so inside, as seen, as so unseen. It is so simple...
Secrets are hidden in the most obvious places. Don't look so hard, start at the beginning, and take your time. Ki cannot be apprehended through the use of the intellect, it must be directly experienced.                       
The definition of Ki is ambiguous, obscured by the clouds of time. Each cultural philosophy was its own definition, Chi in China, Prana in India, Ki to the Japanese. In the end they are all the same.   

Ki is described by vague terms such as wind, energy, vibration, vital force, and breath of life.  How can energy be described? How about wind or breath? Each can only be known by what it does, not by what it is. Like gravity, Ki lacks formal existence. It simply is.  To say one does not believe in Ki unless it can be explained is child like foolishness.  Stop believing in gravity if you like but believe it or not it is still there functioning as it was created to do. So does Ki continue to exist without our help. Our belief in Ki affects us but not Ki itself. Ki is potent ional energy waiting to be directed toward a specific, creative purpose. The outward evidence of Ki is poise, presence and power. It brings about the unification of the trichotomy of manís spirit, soul and body for a definitive course of action.  Ki has no beginning no ending; is formless yet can be felt; changes dimensions yet is changeless; cannot increase, cannot decrease. Ki returns to Ki then to Ki again....    

Ki is the vibrating energy of the creatorís voice, the animated breath of life. Ki, like enlightenment, can be attained but not intellectually explained. Ki must be experienced in order to understand its nature. The ability to utilize Ki can be increased though Ki never increases or decreases. It is only within man him self that Ki can increase as a useable power. Ki is as an endless sea, man can use a thimble or washtub to draw this water while the sea itself in inexhaustible. The key is within man. Everyone has Ki in potential yet not everyone attempts to develop Ki to full potential. Everyone has a measure of strength yet not everyone is willing to train to achieve maximum potential. Everyone has mental ability yet not everyone is willing to study to unlock his or her full mental potential. Willingness is the key that opens the world of Ki. Through breathing methods, visualization, imagination and proper physical form Ki can become amazingly powerful. Technical power flows from Ki while Ki follows the direction of the mind and belief system. Ki moves through the man by the direction of the mind yet Ki is not created by the mind. The mind simply directs the path and purpose of Ki.      

The mind commands, Ki flows and strength follows after.  Where you place your mind, where you direct your mind and how you direct your mind determines the production and out put of Ki.  Ki energizes as if one were to step through a door into a new realm of unlimited possibilities. The vibrating power of pure energy surges through your being enabling the impossible to become possible. Breath is the bringer of life; vibration is the sustainer of the form of life. Everything in creation has its own unique form of vibration. Each form of vibration has its own unique form of
manifestation. So what is the end to all this?  Ki is. Learn of it, learn to develop the necessary skills to draw up and use Ki.  Like anything in life it is completely your choice. 

Dr. Netherland is Chief Director of both the International Martial Arts Ki society and the International Martial Arts Headfounder Grandmasters Council. He precides over rank promotions for both orginizations as well as the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame.


Dr. Netherland, Sensei Chad Netherland are available for Ki Michi  (Path of Ki) seminars in your area, in your Dojo. Contact us for scheduling.  You and your students will never be the same afterwards.

Dr Dan Netherland demonstrating advanced Ki methods.

                         1.  Orenai-te-undo / unbendable arm 

Resisting the power of four men. He has resisted the combined strength of 10 men attempting to bend one out stretched arm.  This feat has been submitted to Guinness World Records for documentation. 

                             2.  Fudo-no-shisei / immovable posture 


Resisting and turning back the force of five men. He has withstood the direct pushing force of ten men attempting to uproot him from his position. This feat has been submitted to Guinness world records for documentation.

                             3.  Fudo-shin / immovable mind


Mind over matter perhaps. Resisting the combined lifting power of four men to break him free from the ground. Submitted to Guinness.