Universal energy is free to anyone and everything on this earth. We all have Universal Energy inside and around us. Here at the Universal Energy-Center you can learn about the energy that powers the world. How it connects with us, so you can use it to maintain a robust state of health.

First letís look at what D.C. electric is. It is a fermented energy that is the result of a chemical reaction from an acid and mineral combination (zinc potassium and sodium). This break down is believed to occur in any living creature, forming universal energy. Therefore, in a sense we are all living batteries with D.C. electric energy. This process was started at the beginning of time. A. C. electricity is generated electricity which is man made. It is not a natural energy. It is generated outside of the body and our bodies, along with other living things do not respond to it willingly.

The sun is the control center of our solar system and it is stationary. The magnetic force holds it in place while all the other planets rotate around it. The earth rotates on its axis to the east. The North Pole rotates counter clockwise pulling the positive polarity to the North Pole and the South Pole rotates clockwise pulling the negative polarity to the South Pole. The whole universe is controlled with D.C. electric. All plants, animals, and humans are powered with universal energy and have their own energy supply. The universe works off of positive and negative signals. The positive cell pushes and is high pressure. The negative cell pulls and is low pressure.

The atmosphere is made up of low pressure cells pulling everything with it as it moves around the world and the positive cell being pulled as the negative cell follows it, pushing everything in front of it is the high pressure. All plants and animals are made up of millions of cells that work by alternating the positive and negative signal to the cell. This is a theory. The magnetic force of the Universe; which is D.C. current, derives from the minerals of the earth; the acids from the salts of the earth reacting with all the heavy metals. Minerals give off the D.C. electric that powers the magnetic force, which powers and controls the universe. Most of the body's problem is, with the exception of sodium, potassium, and zinc; all other minerals leave their deposits in solid form after they are broken down.

These solid deposits residue create slow moving energy in our (electric cables) meridians keeping the current from going through.

There is no way the body can use any of the A. C. current, this is a generated current and will harm the body. Flashlight batteries produce the same energy that the cells in the body do. That is why you cannot tell the difference between using the energy cleaner and the human body.

Health Maintenance of the Human Body

Keeping the signal channels open and functioning is an important task. When the control center loses its connection to a working body part it becomes threatened. The signal gets weak and that area slows down, getting weaker, resulting in failure of the body. This speeds up the death of healthy cells.

The body cannot live with parts of its cells operating in the dead zone; the whole body begins to breakdown. Keeping the energy channels open to the brain is very important. This can be done by using the Universal Energy from your body is the cheapest and easiest way to be healthy. Use your hands while watching TV or lying in bed. A life altering pass time; clearing stuck, slow energy.

Live two to three hundred years like they did in the biblical time. Your body does not wear out, you wear on it with inadequate care. If the energy channels do not plug up they will not break down. If you donít get sick, death takes a holiday. We are all made in such a way that the body maintains itself. How cheep is that? Just try it and see how good you feel when the body is no longer in a state of ill health. If you keep the body energetically clean the sniffles even stay away.

There has been 11 thousand come from all 50 states and 10 foreign countries, up to the year 2000. It is believed to have worked for many of them. The center is operated in the name of Our blessed Mother Mary, for the love and grace of God, and is here to share knowledge and rejoice in his Holy name. God says that he is present when more than one gathers to worship him. So, come one and all to learn to use the gift of that God has given to us. Commune with the Father and his Spirit.

Learn how to save your life and be young

The Lord gave to man many gifts; of those gifts he gave the gift of a healthy life. When the body is used as it is intended the body remains healthy, ignore it and the temple will begin to fall. If these gifts are used in the wrong way, it is defying the natural order of things. Think about how you would like to be treated and then think about how you treat your own body. Conventional medicine has developed a pill to kill germs that makes the body sick, this can be a good thing. Medications and other avenues are very necessary to achieve health in the face of disease. Life threatening emergencies require immediate action; subtle energy corrections more often than not take time. The kicker here is people want designer medication so they do not need to be held accountable for their illness. Providing a pill to numb the brain, in order to kill the pain is not acceptable when you are the one with the problem. This is simply the masking of a bigger problem of clogging energy channels.

When the body signals become blocked and a group of cells stop working there is no pill to jump-start them into working again. Universal Energy is believed to be able to jump-start the cells and get them working again. This sets up the body so it will become healthy. If you take a pill to numb the brain so you donít know you are sick, the cell gets toxic and dies. The cell becomes affected with toxins and dies. If they are not jump-started and cleaned the energy becomes sluggish, toxic energy, it will continue to spread until the body dies.

The body is no healthier than the environment that it lives in. The electrolysis in the universal energy will collect the heavy metals and chemicals that the body is exposed to and the positive charge will carry it to the negative charge and dispose of them there in the lungs, liver, kidneys, brain, glands and the energy channels leading from the brain to the cells, shutting them down. This places the body in big trouble. You must clean the toxic elements from the body by reversing the energies electric signals from the cells back to the brain and discharging it out of the body through the urine.

As long as there is life and the will to live you can jump-start the cells to clear toxins out of the body, allowing it to get well and be healthy again. Our bodies were made to work this way. It brakes down slowly and it heals slowly, that does not make the road back any more difficult.

Energy is Electric

You can control all electric by controlling the polarity; positive goes to negative and will pull a load with it as it goes. So all you need to do is place the negative where you want the load to go and the positive will take it there.

A battery or cell is inserted into a circuit, it completes a loop which allows charge to flow uniformly around the circuit. In the external part of the circuit, the charge flows in the form of electrons resulting in electrical current.[1]

There are three kinds of electric: D.C., A. C., and magnetic electric. Universal Energy is D.C. electric made from mixing two minerals together and formed by the different minerals breaking each other down, the by product given off is D.C. electric, and lead, zinc, and potassium mixed with sodium. Each has its own flavor and the body does not like lead, it is poison to the body. The body uses potassium and will except zinc. It is the same flavor of a mineral and doesnít hurt the body. Batteries are a device that translates chemical energy into electricity.

The first battery was made nearly 200 years ago and batteries have been extensively researched since then. Even so, there is much yet to be learned about the details of battery chemistry. A battery consists of one or more electrochemical cells. Although the terms battery and cell are often used interchangeably cells are the building blocks of which batteries are constructed. Batteries consist of one or more cells that are electrically connected. It is fermented DC current driven from two minerals reacting to each other, the acid in salt reacting to potassium and zinc. When the acid in salt is exposed to, potassium or zinc the acid will start to eat the mineral and the by-product it gives off is DC electric.

The body uses D.C. universal energy. All living things use the same flavor of D.C. current and you can take the electric energy from any living animal and transfer it to another animal and their body will accept it and work. All you need is an electrode on the body large enough to collect the amounts of energy you need to jump start the other body. You want to get started on the broken down areas, start with an electric wire connecting the two pads to run the electric energy on and control the polarity. Positive causes the cells to contract and squeeze out anything in the cell and negative causes the cell to expand and fill up with new nourishment from the blood. By controlling the polarity and switching the polarity every 15 minutes, it may or may not clean the cell out if it does it will be strong, and healthy. The brain will keep it healthy when the signal reaches the cell.

D.C. is the electric the brain uses to signal all functions of a live body. It is what all plants use to control their growth. It is what the atmosphere uses to control the weather with everything the lord created he uses the same DC electric current to operate it with. It is very low voltage and high amperage. My theory is that the body uses 4.5 volts; it will work on plants and have some control on the weather. It will control the amount of moisture that a cloud will release. When stimulated with an electric field of universal energy, you can control the cloud to release the moisture or hold it which ever you prefer.

Electrolysis in D.C. or Universal Energy

Electrolysis in D.C. current will break down heavy metals into molecules and the positive charge will carry the molecules a long distance and deposit them into its pure form at the negative charge.

That is why you find gold-silver-platinum-copper and lead in the stalagmites in the cracks and crevices of the hard rock of the earth where the universal energy has been collecting it together for millions of years. That is why people with arthritis that wear copper bracelets, the bodyís electrodes collect the molecules of copper from it and the positive charge carry them to where the negative charge where the immune system has been trying to stop pain where calcium crystals have been cutting the cells and deposit the copper molecules over the sharp edge making them smooth so not to hurt.

The electrolysis in the universal energy will collect the heavy metals and chemicals that the body is exposed to and the positive charge will carry it to the negative charge and dispose them there in the lungs-liver-kidneys-brain-glands and the energy channels leading from the brain to the cells, shutting them down. The body is in big trouble. You must clean the toxic elements from the body by reversing the energy signals from the cells back to the brain and discharging it out of the body through the urine.

The power of universal Energy

Universal energy is the energy of the world. It feeds and powers everything on earth, it does not wear out and you cannot destroy it. You use it and it goes back to the earth and is stored there until you need it again. Water is the carrier of all food that the world lives on. All minerals-vitamins-nourishment must be dissolved with water before anything can use it, plants and animals. All nourishment that is taken in is dissolved in water and enters the blood. The electric energy powering the body causing the cells to filter out the nourishment it needs from the water solution of food supply it is carrying the water then is passed on into the earth until it starts its cycle over again.

The electric the world runs on today

The magnetic electric force of the Universe, which is D.C. current, derived from the minerals of the earth. The acids from the salts of the earth reacting with the zinc and potassium; minerals give off the D.C. electric that powers the magnetic force, which powers and controls the universe.

The use of Universal Energy to clean and control the cells was developed at Noble County University in 1997 with Lee Crock, President.

This is a fairly easy process to just use your hands or a Universal Energy cleaner. The same as when you use the energy from your body to activate the cells of another body. You place your hands 2-4 inches over the body you want to activate and move your hands in a counter clock wise circle. By placing your hands over the cells you want to stimulate it will cause those cells to contract and push every thing in the cell out and discharge all substances in them out. When you change the polarity to negative it will cause the cell to expand pull in and fill up.

You are the controlling force and the positive electric force and the other end is the negative electric force being they are on the clockwise end of the magnetic electric force. You are just like one big lighting rod in a storm.

The energy provided from above moves right though you and into the persons body you are focusing on.

The atmosphere is made up with high-pressure positive charge low humidity and cool temperatures; low pressure, negative charge, high humidity.

If a cloud comes over with a low pressure, negative charge and you activate it with a positive polarity charge. It should retract and push out what the cell had in it, rain-snow or hail, emptying out.

Lee Crockís weather maker does work on the cells; it will give you a large snowflake or large drops of water or white powder snow or fine mist according to the polarity you stimulate the cloud with.

The signal of the human body

Electric current can be either direct or alternating. Direct current (DC) flows in the same direction at all points in time, although the instantaneous magnitude of the current might vary. In an alternating current (AC), the flow of charge carriers reverses direction periodically. The number of complete AC cycles per second is the frequency which is measured in hertz. An example of pure DC is the current produced by an electrochemical cell. The output of a power-supply rectifier, prior to filtering, is an example of pulsating DC. The output of common utility outlets is AC.

Is D.C. current the Universal Energy of the world, there is no way the body can use any A. C. current, it will hurt the body. It is alternate current; it wonít work with any D.C. current. The controlled signal from the brain to the muscle cell in the arm or leg is what gives the movement of the body and at no time is there a flow of electric sent through the body. Never connect an electric current to the body; it really will be a tragic result. To control any function of the body you must make connection with the body in its magnetic electric field.

You cannot put both positive and negative polarity current on the body at the same time. If you do, it will cause a flow of electric through the body. The positive will go to the negative connection and go out without a signal to any cell to react and if you put more than 4.5 volts it will start to damage the cells for the body is not designed as an electric current to flow through the body.

It is acceptable to put more than one activation pad on different parts of the body at the same time. It is also acceptable to hook them to the same energy cleaner. However, never use two energy cleaners at the same time on the same body. That would not be a good idea. It may cause the signal system and the cell to have two signals sent at the same time from two machines at the same time of different polarity. You cannot change the body from the way it has been made to work but you can help it when it brakes down. Jesus used his hands to help the suffering when he was here on earth. He taught his apostles to help the poorly and remove their suffering. It is so easy to do; it takes time and is stressful to stand with your hands out over someone for several hours.

The energy cleaner will do it for years nonstop and it doesnít get tired and complain. One other thing is never put a suction cup with a wire hooked to it on a body at two different places and hook an electric current to them and send an electric charge through the body unless you want to kill the body. This would be like the fur traders do their animals. They use a flash light to do it with the positive polarity going through the body to the negative polarity connection causing the cells to retract and set themselves making the body stiff shutting the body down and it is dead. There is no danger of ever getting an electric current through the body using the electrode in the magnetic electric field around the body and sending one polarity at a time like the energy cleaner does it is a signal not a charge.

Electric Operated Childrenís Toys

People and toys all operate on the same principle. They are all made to use a precise set voltage and it requires a set number of amps to make it run. But more amps will not have any affect on it running. I think the human body is the same. The body is a 4 + volt system and 40 amp requirement needed to get it running. It has more variance in its requirement then.

The toys that man makes
The little toys take:
1 Ĺ volt, 3 amp
1 Ĺ volt, 5 amp
1 Ĺ volt, 10 amp

Motorcycle: 12 volt, 45 amp

Car: 12 volt, 125 amp

Tractor: 12 volt, 200 amp

Dozer: 24 volt, 500 amp

Human body: 4+ volt, 40 amp

All of the above equipment requires the correct voltage to make it run. Too high a voltage will damage the equipment. Too low of voltage, it might try to run but not do much. If you treat it like you do your toys, it will last more than 100 years, you canít wear it out. If you keep abusing it without taking care of the body it will become worn out the same as the toy, just junk. Why, you donít do that to the other toys?

The human body and all living bodies have a 4+-volt system but will respond to 3 volt with 40 amps. The less amps it tries but not to capacity 4.5 volts it really responds. I think 6 volt will make you sick. Use your body like you use your toys and it will work like it should. Any toy is much more fun to play with when it is running right. The body is the same. Just try it and see what a good a machine that we all were given, to use. Look closely for the reason it has stopped working first, before you end up in the junkyard. The undertaker will do the same with you if you donít change the way of fixing the breakdowns and destroy this beautiful living body with no maintenance.

There are all kinds of machines on the market to put on the body to give it a jolt but not one of them is matched up to the bodyís energy needs. Most of them are 12 volt 2 amp high frequency. Nothing the body can use; it canít work. It would do more if hooked to your motorcycle. At least they are both 12 volt but it does not have the amps to do anything. You can get a spark out of it. You get the same effect when you hook it to the body. The 12-volt is so great if you put it on the body you get a spark that you feel and it can make a change some place in the body but not repair the break down. You have 4 times too much voltage and 1/20 enough amp to jump start the body with. It sure doesnít take a lot of thought to see why these things do not produce results when the power they use is not close to the body energy it uses. The body is 4.5+ volts, 40 amp, 15-minute frequency does not seem to work on anything else.

A clean body is a healthy body

There are two reasons a body gets sick in my mind; the first reason is when a germ gets into the body, it multiplies and grows giving off toxins that poison the body and makes it sick. You must get medicine to kill the bacteria and the brain will signal the cells to discharge the waste to clean the cell and you have a clean body.

The second reason is when the brains looses contact with the cells and are unable to signal the cell to discharge then the waste in them begin to pile up. From the food they use to be strong and do the work the cell does to move the body in its daily movements of work.

When that waste is left in the cell and not discharged on a regular basis that waste becomes toxic and starts to poison the cell. The body has a bad problem. You get sick and there is no a drug in this world that will clean the waste out of the cells, it is just stuck. It remains there until you get the meridians cleaned out so the brain can signal the cells to discharge the waste and poison to get the cells clean and working again. Some of the old time remedies seem pretty good at times.

The subconscious mind is the caretaker of the whole body. It keeps it healthy and ready to go when the conscious mind calls upon a part of the body to respond to the signal it sends.

As time goes by and we have been here a long time, it is sure that everything will become corroded, shorted out and plugged up. The nerve from the eardrum to the brain is plugged up and the conscious mind sends a signal to the eardrum asking, what's going on? All you can hear is the strength of the signal the brain got from the drum. If it is weak you don't hear much.

When the conscious mind sends a signal to the brain, the nerves and the meridians running to the brain cells are clean. You get the stored data in the brain cell really quick and clear. If it were shorted out, the response would be fuzzy at best.

The problems are very simple there for the fix should be equal to the problem. The signals are lost so the body can't respond if it doesn't get a signal from the conscious mind providing direction. Things are lost.

Illustration 1
Illustration 2
Illustration 3
Illustration 4

To repair the loss of the signals from the conscious mind to a part of the body, you place an activation pad over the part of the body that has acquired the problem. Place your hands on top of the pad, (refer to illustrations one (1) through three (3)).

If the problem is loss of hearing, place the hands right over the ears, (refer to illustration four (4)).

This may have an immediate response or it may not. No penalty in trying.

In the case of memory loss, place your hands on the side of your head over the temple and you will feel the pad activate the brain cells. Hold them there for as long as you are comfortable and keep repeating the activation process of the brain cells and the meridians. It seems to require longer cleaning than other areas. Simple relaxation can activate a sense of peace and wholeness while using a Universal Energy Cleaner.