Zero Point Energy The Mother of All Tachyons

Q: I have heard that your Crystal Energy concentrate and all of your other Microcluster products are charged with a tachyon-type energy. Can you tell me more about this?

A: It is true that all Microcluster products are charged with Zero Point Energy, which is more powerful than tachyon energy, by a special machine that we invented for this explicit purpose. We call our machine the Flanagan Tangential Vortex Amplifier.

The 1975 Penguin Dictionary of Physics describes tachyons as subatomic particles that are postulated to move faster than the speed of electromagnetic radiation or light. Tachyons have never been measured to the satisfaction of the general scientific community. They are considered to be theoretical particles.

Photons of light are virtual particles that have energy and no mass, so a tachyon is like a photon that can exceed the speed of light. It has been postulated that tachyons can be detected by the emission of Cerenkov radiation. This means that, as tachyons pass through a transparent medium, they may cause the emission of a blue light if their energy is high enough. This blue light is a result of the release of an excess of energy due to a difference in the speed of electric and magnetic waves as the tachyons travel through the medium.

There is an energy source far more powerful than tachyon; it is in fact the source of all tachyons. It is considered that all atomic particles are born in space, the so-called zero point of the universe. Atomic physicists consider the zero point of the vacuum as being an infinite potential energy source. In the beginning was the void, and in the void was the zero point. Scientists consider that in the void, all atomic particles are being created and destroyed in pairs such that these particles annihilate each other--the Yin Yang principle. This is called the zero point. It is also considered that polarization of space results in the release of some of these particles before they can destroy each other and that all matter in the physical universe came from the zero point. A greater part of Patrick's life has been devoted to researching methods of vacuum polarization and release of tachyons and other subatomic particles so that these energies could be used.

It has been postulated that Zero Point Energy may be a principle source of what has been called life-energy. Throughout history, scientists and philosophers have discussed the existence of a life-force or energy that is anti-entropic, that is an energy that increases structure and energizes the living system. There are over 700 recorded names for various forms of life-energy. Some of these names include: Prana, Ki, Chi, Ruach, Telesma, Nous, Yesod, Pneuma, Holy Spirit, Wodan, Facultas Formatrix, Vril, Mana, Manitu, Sila, Mungo, Wong, Ngal, Njom, Ayik, Odic Force, Orgone, Elan Vital, Bioplasma, Psionics, Dielectric Energy, Energy, Synergy, Noetic Energy, etc.

Patrick wrote about Zero Point Energy over twenty years ago, speculating at that time that tachyons and/or "tenser" energy fields are born out of the vacuum state.

When we manufacture our products, we charge Microcluster colloids with a Zero Point Energy device that we invented-- the Tangential Vortex Amplifier: Its initial effect is that it increases the electrical charge or zeta potential on the colloids. After numerous experiments, we were able to determine that our Vortex Amplifier is the most powerful source of tachyons we have ever measured.

In our research, we found that Microcluster colloids are powerful tachyon reservoirs. When we add Crystal Energy to our drinking water we are putting billions of tachyons into our water.

Our Crystal Energy concentrate and all Light Force Microcluster colloid products are powerful reservoirs for Zero Point Energy and tachyons. The powerful surface energies and electrical charges in the nanometer range of matter may polarize the woof and warp of space, the zero point thus releasing large quantities of tachyons and other basic energy particles. The activation of somatids as observed under the Naessens microscope may be another indication that Zero Point Energy release and high zeta potential in Crystal Energy may help to restore the life-force in dried herbs, spices, Phycotene, and Spirulina.

"Flanagans' Corner" is a column written by Drs. Patrick and Gael Crystal Flanagan that answers frequently asked questions about their Microcluster technology.