By now everyone knows that the terrorists who "did" the World Trade Center originally intended to destroy several power plants. They backed out only because they were afraid they'd destroy much more of the world than they had intended, the plants were going to be the nuclear plants and that could have created fallout all over the world.

Does anyone understand that we are extremely vulnerable? Can you imagine what your life would be if you could not get electric power, for months or years?

We're asking too much to require any power company to solve this problem. They simply cannot supply us with the real and only answer to it.

We have to do this ourselves--all of us.

We can afford two cents per kilowatt hour to help build a "Distributed Energy" Electric system. On average we pay right now only $0.07 to $0.08 per kilowatt hour for our electricity in Arizona. Two cents a kilowatt hour added to our monthly electric bills can create something incredibly wonderful and powerful.

With this two cents we can create a fund which will make clean, renewable energy affordable. Photovoltaics, wind generation and fuel cells can be located literally EVERYWHERE! With these we would have the energy to supply all of our own needs AND supply energy to our neighbors. Neighborhoods could supply their own energy AND help supply the city's needs.

With this two cents we can build a safe, clean and efficient electricity system which will literally be invisible to our enemies. No lone terrorist would be able to fly his plane into a power plant and do great harm to our way of life in one simple act.

Please Arizona. Make an investment in protecting our way of life. But we must do it now. We have no time to "let things happen on their own."

Call or email your Arizona Corporations Commissioners. Let them know you support this small added surcharge. Call your state representative too!

A good address for each:



Larry E. Bell

North East Arizona Energy Services Company