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Break-Even Price

We calculated the break-even prices for photovoltaic (PV) power systems based on factors such as the available solar resource, local utility electricity rates, and any tax incentives. The graph below shows each state as ranked in this analysis. As the graph shows, the top niche markets are in Hawaii, California, Arizona, New York, and Massachusetts. Their break-even PV price was between $4.30 and $7.50 per Watt. (Today's prices for PV-generated electricity are $6-$7 per Watt.) The states shown as "emerging" markets could reach this status with the aid of low-interest loans, tax incentives, etc., while the remaining states would need a significant amount of this help.


  For more information on this analysis, refer to the following documents:

* Customer-Sited Photovoltaics, Focusing on Markets that Really Shine

* Niche Markets for Grid-Connected Photovoltaics (PDF 50 KB)


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