Arizona Incentives for Renewable Energy     



Solar and Wind Equipment Sales Tax Exemption


Last DSIRE Review: 03/07/2001  


Incentive Type:  Sales Tax Exemption


Eligible Technologies:


   Passive Solar Space Heat, Active Solar Water Heat, Active Solar Space

Heat, Solar Thermal Electric, Photovoltaics, Wind,


Applicable Sectors:   Commercial, Industrial, Residential, Utilities,


Amount:  all


Max. Limit:


  up to $5,000


Terms:  N/A




Authority:   ARS 42-5061



This retail sales tax exemption applies to solar and

wind energy equipment. Solar includes passive solar heating, active

solar space heating, solar water heating, and photovoltaics. Qualifying

wind systems include wind electric generators and wind-powered water

pumps. This exemption is allowed on equipment up to $5,000.


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