Arizona Incentives for Renewable Energy





APS - Solar Partners

Last DSIRE Review: 02/07/2001  

Incentive Type:  Green Pricing Program
Eligible Technologies:   Photovoltaics, Renewable Transportation Fuels, Geothermal Electric,
Applicable Sectors:   Residential,
Premium:  $2.64/month/15 kWh block
Participants:  over 2,318
Date Enacted:  1997
Expiration Date:  none

                           In 1997, the Arizona Corporation Commission approved Arizona Public Service's (APS) green pricing tariff to develop 400 kW of centralized, grid connected photovoltaic systems. APSí initial Solar Partners pilot program made power from photovoltaic systems available to customers in the Flagstaff area, but participation has been opened up to the entire state due to the program's popularity. The program has now been expanded to include commercial as well as residential customers. APS now has 1 MW of installed solar generating capacity and will add another MW in 2001.  
Solar power will be sold to participating residential customers in 15-KWh increments. The premium will be $2.64 per month per 15 KWh block. APS currently has facilities in the following areas:  
Single Axis Tracker:  
Flagstaff 82 kW  
Tempe, Phase 1 82 kW  
Tempe, Phase 2 100 kW  
Glendale Airport, Phase 1 72 kW  
Glendale Airport, Phase 2 176 kW  
Gilbert 125 kW  
Prescott 175 kW  
Scottsdale Covering Parking 34 kW  
ST Microelectronics 20 kW  
Coming Soon (Single Axis Trackers)  
Yuma 100 kW

Janet Crow
Arizona Public Service Company
Solar Energy Services
Mail Station 8378
P.O. Box 53999
Phoenix, AZ 85072-3999
Phone: (602) 250-4990
Fax: (602) 250-3255

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