Arizona Incentives for Renewable Energy





Remote Solar Electric Service

Last DSIRE Review: 01/24/2001  

Incentive Type:  Leasing/Lease Purchase
Eligible Technologies:   Photovoltaics,
Applicable Sectors:   Residential,
Participants:  35 customers
Date Enacted:  1997
Authority:   N/A

The Remote Solar Electric Service is a program created by Arizona Public Service (APS) in 1997.
It is designed to provide self-contained solar units to off-grid residential customers.  
The process for obtaining a system is relatively straightforward.
First, the customer contacts APS at 602-216-0318 or 1-800-659-8148, the utility will send information on the program.  
Remote Solar Electric Service is promoted to the public through marketing brochures.
To date, approximately 35 PV units have been leased to customers.

Janet Crow
Technology Development
Arizona Public Service
Phoenix, AZ 85072
Phone: (602) 250-4990

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