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SRP - Solar Choice

Last DSIRE Review: 04/18/2001  

Incentive Type:  Green Pricing Program
Eligible Technologies:   Photovoltaics,
Applicable Sectors:   Residential,
Premium:  $3/month/block; 100-W block (equivalent to about a 15-kWh block)
Co-funding:  None
Commitment:  Monthly
Participants:  Program is fully subscribed with about 1,000 participants and a waiting list
Date Enacted:  10/98

Salt River Project (SRP) is the nation's third-largest public power utility and one of Arizona's largest water suppliers, providing power to customers throughout a 2,900-square-mile service territory in central Arizona.  
SRPís first green pricing tariff program, named Solar Choice, began accepting subscribers in October of 1998. Solar Choice allows customers to voluntarily pay a premium for renewable energy generated from renewable electric generating stations. SRP customers subscribe to the Solar Choice program by paying $3/month for a 100-W block, which is approximately equivalent to a 15-kWh block. Currently the Solar Choice program is fully subscribed with about 1,000 participants and others on a program waiting list.  
The money collected from the Solar Choice program is used to construct, maintain, and operate solar electric generating facilities in Arizona. Currently, Solar Choice energy is derived from two 100-kW solar power plants at its Santan Generating Station in Gilbert, Arizona. The first of SRPís solar power plants was built and funded in partnership with the US Department of Energy through the Utility Photovoltaic Group.  
SRP has created a second green pricing tariff program, named EarthWise Energy, which began accepting participants on March 1, 2001. This program will derive electricity from a variety of technologies which currently include photovoltaics and landfill gas, but which may be expanded to include hydroelectric, wind, and fuel cells. A summary of the EarthWise Energy program is included on this web site.

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