World_healing,Global healing, Agni Home, Teaching of Tantra, Tantra, Hindu Dharma,harmonize ourselves, Mother Earth

tantra agni homa, World healing, Global healing, Agni Home, Teaching of Tantra, Tantra, Hindu Dharma, harmonize ourselves, Mother Earth

World heaaling, Global Healing, Agni Home, Teaching of Tantra, Tantra, Hindu Dharma, harmonize ourselves, Mother Earth

Salutations my divine friends, embodiments of love and the Supreme Self.

Those who are interested in Hindu Dharma, and those who want to experience Agni Homa rituals can help to facilitate this event for World Healing.

We will share with you the religious practices, observances and rituals.  when, how and where certain rituals are to be performed.  Benefits of Divine Communion are given special emphasis.

We have stepped into the new millennium with great hopes and expectations of change. This year, being a year ruled by Rahu (North Node), is a year for Spiritual Challenges. Next year is also going to be as challenging since it is a year ruled by Mercury for some and intellectually growth and for those who have a weak mercury in their , mental turmoil. Essentially nothing has changed this year and nothing will change again next year unless real changes will happen within us. For only when conflict and negativity are removed from within can we play a truly constructive role in establishing peace within one self and those around who can serve or oppose you. With the goal of peace in mind, let us together, create peace and harmony within by learning the teachings of Agni Homa -- an important limb of Tantra that will help us cleanse ourselves and the world around us. It will also help you connect with your self from within, help you to come from the space of Love.

IFC Temple of Divine Love has designed a few workshops around the globe and a Spiritual Tour of India for those of you who are serious in changing your lives and connecting with your Inner Love

Now that we live in the age of Kali (Kali yuga) Evil is back in the form of Pollution caused by the mistake of human beings, by going after fame, glory, money, desires and more. We live in a very special and crucial time. On one side, the evil enacts its utmost violence on the planet, and the other, very little grace operates on the planet now.

Great sages like Krishna with Geeta, Buddha with the 8 fold path of Dharma, Jesus with Love and co-existence, Mohammed talked about truth, yet humans are still dancing with evil.

It is time that we set disciplines and values in order to harmonize ourselves to surrounding and most of all Mother Earth.

We are removing tree or they die of disease, and in the end there will not be enough oxygen to breathe on this planet, for the plants breathe out oxygen and we breathe in oxygen.

Pollution today effect mankind, water, soil, space, plant and more. In the Bhopal Gas leakage in India only two families survived in that incident. What made them survive.

It was the Divine (Para-Brahma or Adthi Para-Sakthi) conspiracy that protected the family, when she decides to lift us all up, even if we want to resist it.

When we try to harmonize with her energy,
our misery will be less. To help us She has revealed all the ancient sciences to us through the teaching of Tantra.

Agnihotra is one of them, the basic process given at the time of creation, to the Hindus through the Vedas. The same has been given to different cultures of the world.


"I am offering my humble prayer to the Agni, as Agni is the Absolute Divine, the awakener of the inner-energy, and the one who is the giver of prosperity, again I'm offering my humble prayer to Lord Agni

Agni in Sanskrit means fire. Scientifically, fire is defined, as burning that is rapid enough to produce heat and light. Heat and light can be in the form of a glow, a flame or a flash. In Chemistry, fire is the result of the combination of fuel, heat and oxygen.

Fire has for centuries been regarded as an element possessing strange power and of its mysterious origin. For human fire symbolized the Sun. The Sun was universally acknowledged as the source of heat and light, and the foundation of all life.

The Roman had fire burning all the time in the temple of Vestal,
Africans had the sacred fire in the hut of the chief's most important wife.
Ancient Greeks like the Hindus considered Fire as one of the elements.
Arab alchemists consider fire a substance
Jews used to call the fire offering as Korban

Most cultures have used Fire as divinity, and the knowledge about purifying the atmosphere and the self.

The use of Mantra with fire and other elements is known as Yajnya - yag means "offering prayers with full devotion".

In the Vedas it is stated that when we offer elements such as herbs, ghee, rice etc. into the fire, we are actually conveying our prayers to the deities through Agni Deva.

Hotra also refers to Yajnya, which is used in the purification of the atmosphere through Agni and Mantra Sakthi being intune to the specific rhythm of nature. By changing the rhythm of the atmosphere, one can bring about the change in the function of Prana. Prana (life force) and the self are two side of the same coin. Changing the rhythm of Prana, will help in the change of the mind. Performing homa works with the rhythm of the biorhythm of sunrise and sunset. Reciting special mantras and burning special organic items help both the rhythm of Prana in the atmosphere and the self-mind.

Pollution in the atmosphere disrupts the function of Prana, thus disrupts the mind. This disruption creates disturbance in the mind, thus bring about disharmony in society and home.

The Vedas say that practice of Agni Homa means the end of psychotic problems. Mind is a subtle matter and the use of Agni Homa help it toward the direction of LOVE. And LOVE is the most powerful energy that will bring peace to this world.

Our Master Sri Param Eswaran would tour the world where ever people want to purify their atmosphere and the self.

Goddess's role in Agni Hotra.

In Spiritual India, women hold a very high place. "Navinam Yatra Pujyante Tatra Tishante Debata" means that in a household, Shrim the Goddess Lakshmi and Stree are alike". Unfortunately men due to fear has change the teach of the first law given to the world. Since then the world has never been the same.
It is very crucial that women to perform Agni Homa at home so that Mother Lakshmi will visit their hope, in another word, prosperity.

According to Vedic teaching, Agni Homa is used as fumigation. When practiced regularly, it yield great healing powers to the atmosphere and the participants in the ritual. The ashes of the Hotra is used as medicine in Hometherapy treatment.

What can change us and the Universe that we live in?

The One Truth that shines through all of creation.  The Sun, the Moon, Stars, Planets , rivers and mountains, plants and animals , you and I - all are all the expressions of the same Universal reality. It is by assimilating this truth in our lives, and thus gaining a deeper understanding, that we can discover the inherent beauty in this world that which is filled with diversity. When we work together as a global family, not merely belonging to a particular race, religion or nation,  male or female, children or adult, peace and happiness will once again prevail on this earth which is now drenched with the tears of division and conflict due to the mistake of human beings, by going after fame, glory, money, desires and more.

This Universe of our have been ever changing since Man inhabited this Earth, and also with his own fear suppresses women and stopped allowing, her true space in the home and society. This is why our society is now drenched with tears of division and conflict. This conflict begins at home when the child is still very young. It is time that we wake up and take a serious look at the responsibility that we have towards our our children, society, and Mother Earth.

No one is an isolated island; we are all links in the great chain of life. Just as the right hand reaches out to aid the left hand when it is injured, the ability to feel the sufferings of all beings as our own, and an intense yearning to comfort them, should awaken within us.

For example, members of a family, though physically close, are often like isolated islands. Today, we are capable of destroying the earth in an instant. But we also have the innate capacity to create heaven on earth. The future of humanity depends on the choice we make

Today we are aware of the need to protect our environment, and this, of course, is essential. Yet, we are seldom concerned with the pollution that negative thoughts and actions create in the atmosphere and in the consciousness of humanity. The inner pollution of the mind is in many ways more lethal than chemical pollution, for it has the power to destroy humanity at any time. We therefore need to purify our mental environment.

We have to give more importance to the goal of Spiritual practice and not be overly attached to the means. We should remember that Spirituality is meant for humanity, and not humanity for Spirituality.
Peace is not just the absence of war and conflict; it goes well beyond that. Peace must be fostered within the individual, within the family and within society. The fire of anger, mistrust, envy and jealousy of the mind must first be eliminated.

We cannot lose sight of the essential needs of people, for until these needs are met, it is impossible for anyone to aspire to higher states of awareness and understanding. Lending a helping hand to a neglected soul, feeding the hungry, a compassionate smile towards the sad and dejected-this is the real language of Tantra. We should invoke Goddess and God's compassion in our own hearts and hands. Living only for oneself is not life, but death.

Some may say that the world will remain the same no matter how hard we try to change it.  We have to serve the World by serving humanity regardless of whether we fail or succeed in bringing about world harmony, we, ourselves, will change for the better. Even if there is no visible change, the change in us will eventually effect change in the world. Furthermore, whatever harmony exists in the world today is a result of such a force. We must learn from the past, or we will repeat our mistakes.

Those who have harmed others in the past should now engage in positive actions to uplift the victims of their past oppression.  Each one of us should foster an atmosphere of forgiveness, openness, friendship, trust, help and support to heal old wounds. In order to heal the wounds, broken relationships should be stitched with the thread of love. For this, more than intellectual knowledge, we should have awareness about our oneness. Let us focus on what we can give to others-not on what we can get for ourselves. Only then, can we bring about a total transformation in our global family. Thus, by living the ideals of Tantra, we transcend our narrow-mindedness, and our lives will become an offering to the world.

The following are some of the globally recognized problem areas in which we should work to strengthen.:
1) In Mother's creation, men and women are equal. But over the centuries, the sad condition of women has not significantly improved. Women, who give birth to humankind, should be assured an equal role in society. In Spiritual India, women hold a very high place. "Navinam Yatra Pujyante Tatra Tishante Debata" means that in a household, Shrim the Goddess Lakshmi and Stree are alike".

2) Millions of people are suffering from loneliness, which continues to spread like wildfire. This  must be  redacted from our lives. Through the knowledge of Tantra and IFC, we can form a community that that will be the foundation for helping find love and friendship.

3) Let the us lead the transformation from a world of conflict to one of peace by training a group of  people in community service. They will be emissaries, serving selflessly throughout the world, will inspire people to cultivate universal spiritual and human values. What cannot be achieved through bloodshed can be achieved through love.

Love is the only medicine that can heal the wounds of the world. Just as the body needs food to grow, the soul needs love to unfold. Love is more nourishing than breast milk is for a baby. Love is the very foundation, beauty and fulfillment of life. Where love exists, there cannot be conflict of any kind; peace alone will reign.
May the light of love and peace shine within our hearts. Let us all become messengers of universal peace, illuminating the hearts of everyone, dispelling the darkness of hatred and conflict that has overshadowed today's world. Let us all awaken to a new tomorrow, filled with universal love and fellowship. Is this not the goal and dream of Every Human on Earth? May our Supreme Mother who created us bestow grace upon us that we may realize this noble prayer

Let us together Heal ourselves and the World that we live in through purifying the pollution within our mind and the mind of society through Agni Home.

Om Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavanthu
Om Shanthi Shanthi Shanthi