"Grandfather Fire"

So many emotions come forth when we hear the word, Fire! Do we run for our lives, seek a place of refuge, try to salvage everything in sight, or do we walk over to warm our hands, roast a marshmallow or enjoy the soothing movement and sounds as we do ripples in this river?

For centuries, fire has been used as a symbol by artists and poets alike. The mysticism of fire has been woven into legends and song. The great phoenix rising from the ashes denotes rebirth, regeneration and hope.

How life must have been changed when prehistoric man and woman discovered the element of fire! Resisting the bitter winds and huddling around fire pits, Native Americans may have created their traditions and culture. Fires used for communication between camps, food cooking and preservation, for hide preparation might indeed, have instilled a feeling that fire had a god-like quality: it can create-- it can kill!

Native Americans who revered their ancestors and showed them the greatest respect used the name, Grandfather Fire!