North East Arizona Energy Services Company and its Partners

Are Proud to be a State and Local Partner of


Million Solar Roofs Initiative




The Million Solar Roofs Initiative is designed to support states and local communities as they develop a strong commitment to the sustained deployment of solar energy technologies. To ensure positive and productive results, the Million Solar Roofs resources are focused on those areas that have formed strong partnerships and serve as the focal point for solar activity in a specific area. Million Solar Roofs State and Local Partnerships are collaborative ventures that bring together business, government, the energy industry, and community organizations&emdash;each individual entity being recognized as a member and partner&emdash;with a commitment to install a set number of solar energy systems. We already recognize a number of existing Million Solar Roofs State and Local Partnerships.

Our Local Partnership consists of the following partners:

  • North East Arizona Energy Services Company
  • Pete Shumway, Navajo County Commissioner
  • White Mountain Regional Development Corporation
  • Navopache Electric Cooperative
  • Val-U Solar
  • Arizona Department of Commerce, Energy Office




Examples of state and local partners who are participating in these partnerships include the following:

  • Builders
  • Energy service providers
  • Utilities
  • Non-governmental organizations
  • Local governments
  • State governments

To become a Million Solar Roofs State and Local Partnership, any state or local entity, on behalf of a specific Partnership, must send a letter to the Million Solar Roofs Coordinator. The letter must express the organization's commitment to the Initiative's objectives, describing the general nature of the partnership and its membership and indicating its goal for the specific number of qualified solar energy systems to be installed on buildings within a specific community. At a minimum, partnerships must commit to installing 500 solar energy systems by 2010.

In addition, Partnerships are asked to develop a draft plan for meeting their installation goals under the Initiative. Partnerships are encouraged to base their plans for deployment on local values in relation to the technologies' unique applications and operational attributes. Examples of activities the Partnerships may undertake as part of their plan include:

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