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North East Arizona Energy Services Company

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  O u r  M i s s i o n

North East Arizona Energy Services Company


 Summary of Mission and Activities

Our Mission is to be an active agent creating avenues, methods and techniques to make us (at least in our region of the United States) “whole”, or “well”; to assist in turning the corner into a better “relationship to the earth”.

We need to turn the corner into a better relationship to the earth.

We are transitioning into another world of our own making.  We must do everything we can to make sure that new world is a world in better balance with mother nature. 

This takes place both within and without—both on a individual spiritual level, and on the social level. 

Energy is everywhere (the philosophies of the East call it “Chi” or “Ki”).  Our “electrical power” is a form of energy.  Our personal energy is a form of "Ki". 

Our effort as a non-profit foundation is to focus on correcting the imbalances.  It is our belief that we still have time to make these corrections.  We can build the new level now by building on what has already been accomplished (albeit with its limits).

  Our projects are the result of our investigation into Arizona Energy.  Much of our analysis and results may be found on our website:  www.arizonaenergy.org .

  We are asking for contributions from likeminded foundations who can support our projects (on a project basis) and for assistance in the overall operations.

NEA-ESCO accomplishes its mission on two major fronts:  the societal and the personal.

On the societal front:  North East Arizona Energy Services Company has one overriding goal:  be instrumental in the installation of 500 solar systems on homes and buildings in the counties of Apache, Navajo, Coconino and Yavapai by the year 2010

The lack of affordable solar systems and the lack of adequate financing options are now the primary targets.  Most all of our efforts will be focused on correcting these shortcomings.  We must do what we can at creating affordable systems and providing adequate financing options.  Everything else comes more easily as a result of getting the first two goals accomplished.

  Our current areas of activity:

(1) Starting with one county (Apache) “Off-Grid”, we proposed a $3 million dollar grant for purposes of 50% rebate on cost of installations of homes that do not currently have utility connections.  (While the Dept of Agriculture’s initial answer was “No, not this time.”  They encouraged us to resubmit in the next round because of the limit of funds in the first round of their grant offering.  Their letter made us believe that we are highly qualified for approval.)  This is our first task of helping those in our immediate area with the need for electricity in their homes.  These households (found in our research) had no utility connection whatsoever.  We would help by creating a rebate program specifically designed for off-grid homes in the defined areas.  We have requested Navopache Electric Cooperative to join us in this effort.  The census tracts involved fall within the coverage area of Navopache.  This combined effort will help the homeowners afford electricity by rebating a portion of the cost of installation of solar systems.  This first task can be repeated to benefit other needy areas of Arizona.

  (2) Going “On-Grid” statewide as a totally “green” rural utility cooperative, “Arizona Clean Distributed Energy Cooperative (AC/DeC)”.  We have written a “Business Plan and Proforma” and presented it to the USDA for assistance.  It is now in Washington DC.  The Department of Agriculture is deliberating the need for feasibility study and legal fees. We believe it obviously passed the initial review with the State of Arizona to have been passed on to Washington.

This is a study of the “On-Grid” participation of Arizona residents in their interest in supporting clean, renewable electricity.  The result of this study led us to propose the creation of a new Electric Service Provider, a rural utility cooperative.  This cooperative would produce and sell only clean, renewable electricity…mostly solar energy without reliance on outside sources.  An extensive and comprehensive Business Plan and Proforma, modeled for all rural Arizona citizens is the result.  While exhausting, (it is currently approximately 96 pages in length and contains complete analysis on the current Arizona electricity generation and sales situation, the anticipated market and approach, income and sales projections and legal foundation and engineering feasibility results) we believe the labors will bare fruit and a new company “AC/DeC” or “Arizona Clean Distributed Energy Cooperative” will be born.  And while we do not anticipate thunderous success in the first few years (just 30 new members per year will insure that it always stays in the “black”) this new company can continue, year after year, growing and serving Arizona.

  (3) The municipalities of North East Arizona are next with the “performance contracting” facilitation.  With computer software in hand, we are planning to initiate meetings with the municipalities in our area to assist in determining feasibility of upgrading all municipal buildings to clean renewable.  We believe municipalities would be more active in upgrading their buildings if they were not so strapped financially.  They simply cannot afford to have one of their employees “side-tracked” into the evaluation of feasibilities of this nature.  We hope to fill this gap by volunteering our time and expertise to the municipalities and thus expedite the upgrades (of course with clean, renewable technology.)  Our counseling teams will go into each municipality that indicates a willingness to research better, cleaner sustainable ways of energy utilization.  The team consists of one member of NEA-ESCO and one representative of an “energy service company”.  These counseling teams will introduce local governments to the concept of “performance contracting”—a function provided by governmentally approved energy service companies.  Performance contracting guarantees the municipalities that their utility bills will not increase while retrofitting their buildings with clean, renewable technology.  Our teams will guide the process and assist in obtaining successful results.

  (4) We are initiating action on the state level by helping to establish an office for the purpose of creating a rebate program similar to California’s.  The Energy Office of California has assisted us by giving us facts and figures on their program, its costs and effectiveness.  We will put together a formal proposal to the proper political authorities for approval and enactment.  Arizona, while rich in clean renewable generation potential, remains as one of the states lagging behind in active promotion of the use of this technical achievement.  Arizona must take on the responsibility of orchestrating a brighter energy future.  We must follow the lead that California provides.  Solar technology has not yet reached affordability for our citizenry.  We must encourage our leaders to provide the proper incentives to its citizens by way of a statewide rebate system.  North East Arizona Energy Services Company proposes to help the Arizona Corporations Commission in actualizing a viable rebate program.

 It is very obvious that the tasks described above are ambitious.  Each one could by itself satisfy the goal of achieving 500 solar roofs by 2010.  Each one has the potential of turning our way of seeing our relationship with the earth around.  Any one of these tasks could be the catalyst in achieving a new momentum. 

  We must be the catalyst to MAKE IT HAPPEN, not just talk about it.  We must educate and train, a lot of that education and training will naturally occur with the exposure of real new feasibilities, such as is encompassed in actual application for an expediting of installations of solar panels.  But a lot of it will have to come from us through our efforts using the media.


On the personal front, North East Arizona Energy Services Company has one overriding goal:  be instrumental in changing 500 lives (personalities) into earth connected, love motivated individuals by building self-respect, self-confidence, self-reliance in an environment where few of those qualities were prevalent, and do this before 2010.


Our current areas of activity:


 “Warriors of Peace”.  This program will bring the martial art Aikido (or the “Way of Peace and Harmony”) to the White Mountains of Arizona.  The creator of Aikido, Morihei Ueshiba (Japanese)

Master Ueshiba maintained that “aiki is love”, and that it is possible to handle aggression with a smile.  The supreme challenge of a warrior is to turn an enemy’s fearful wrath into harmless laughter.


The Art of Peace does not rely on weapons or brute force to succeed; instead, we put outselves in turn with the universe, maintain peace in our own realms, nurture life, and prevent death and destruction.  The true meaning of the term samurai is one who serves and adheres to the power of love.


NEA-ESCO has initiated classes of Aikido in the White Mountains.  As a part of its “Warriors of Peace” program, these classes will occur on two high school campuses Show Low High and Blue Ridge High.  We believe that this activity will directly reduce the occurrences of violence and increase personality positive characteristics

"White Mountain Community Drums"  This program will actively get members of the community together in an emotionally powerful bonding experience.  Any member of the community is invited to become involved in monthly sessions.


  O u r  H i s t o r y

North East Arizona Energy Service Company (NEA-ESCO) was formed specifically to expedite the Million Solar Roofs Initiative of the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, Department of Energy.  We have expanded well beyond the original incentive.

Officially, NEA-ESCO was born on April 3, 2002. It is our hope that our existence will have positive consequence.



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