Qi Chi Prana

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Universal Life Force Energy - Chi  Prana  Ki etc.

This energy life force is known as Mana (polynesia), Prana (India), Ruach in hebrew, Barraka in islamic countries, and Ch'i in China. Some individual healers have called it Animal Magnetism, Archaeus. In Japan the energy is called Ki and it from this word that Reiki is named.


Western Models for Eastern Ideas

The philosophical basis of Eastern medicine is the understanding that everything in the world is a form of energy, called Qi (pronounced chi) meaning energy in Chinese medicine.


What Is Positive Ki

Supposedly, one should always be extending "positive" ki, not "negative" ki. For some of us who started off with the very basic lectures about "Keep One Point" and "Extend Ki," we were left with the question, "What is this so-called 'positive' ki and why is it different from any other ki?"


Great Great Masculine Spirit----Great Great Female Spirit


ki meditation

good for the mind

good for the body



Kiai is an explosive sound that comes from deep inside you. 


Superstrings:  A theory of Everything?

The superstring theory assumes that the ultimate building blocks of nature consist of tiny vibrating strings.  If correct, this means that the protons and neutrons in all matter, everything from our bodies to the farthest star, are ultimately made up of strings