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Non-Profit Sites


AHA, the American Hydrogen Association, promoting a safe and clean hydrogen-fueled future.


Alternative Technology Association is an Australian community group that aims to use and promote technology working in harmony with the environment.


Ashok Kundapur's site reviews solar cookers; with over 60 varities and 100 photographs


California Hydrogen Business Council, a non-profit for educating the public, journalists, and government officials on the approaching hydrogen economy.


CCAT, Humboldt State Univ. (CA) Campus Center for Appropriate Technology. Visit this site which contains a guided tour of the various AT systems they have, including their off-the-grid power system.


The Climate Ark is a climate change search space dedicated to promoting public policy that addresses global climate change through reductions in carbon and other emissions, energy conservation, renewable energy sources and ending deforestation.


Colorado College Environmental Science, Renewable Energy Project: The Environmental Science Mobile Laboratory. PV, micro-wind, & biodiesel.


CREST, the Center for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technology.


Ecolotour Association, aiming to promote clean energy and environmental protection. A team is to complete a World Tour with an electrically assisted human powered eco-vehicle (HPV) to demonstrate the efficiency of alternative energy sources for propulsion of light vehicles.


Electric Automobile Association, an organization since 1967 that has been a great resource for those interested in EVs, and they want to help you drive an EV today.


Electric Boat Association of the Americas is a nonprofit organization for people interested in electric propulsion for recreational boats.


EORenew brings you Oregon's SolWest Fair and renewable energy workshops, & informs and educates on the topics of renewable energy and energy efficiency.


EPSEA, a small, all-volunteer organization teaching and guiding, offering the same information in English and Spanish.


Florida Solar Energy Centeris a research center at the University of Central Florida. Our Web site includes photovoltaic (PV) lighting systems, alternative fuel vehicle rally, and just about anything "under the sun".


Georgia Solar Society, promotes the use of alternative energy in and around the State of Georgia. Solar Power. Wind energy, hot water systems, building techniques, as well as information on energy saving products.


Global Environmental Options, provides on-line information on green building and design including the Green Design Network with a Green Building Resource Center, on-line newsletters, Regional Resource Directories and more, as well as a link library and green bookstore.


Hydrogen Energy Center, a non-profit group in Maine working to promote hydrogen as an energy carrier. Focus on public education, advocacy and technology demonstration.


ILLinois RENEWable Energy Association, is a group of people who are interested in promoting energy efficiency, renewable energy and earth friendly technology.


KATTEL, Klamath Advanced Transportation Technology and Energy Lab , is dedicated to promoting renewable energies in all forms through community projects and education.


Kortright Centre, a Canadian environmental education centre. It includes a large and very complete educational demonstration of working solar, wind, wood, and energy efficiency technologies.


Maui Biodiesel Project, a non-profit advocacy group dedicated not just to promoting biodiesel and other renewable energy resources, but more importantly, getting people to actually use them in their everyday lives.


Mid-America Electric Auto Association, the Kansas/Missouri chapter of the EAA. Contains membership and meeting information, photos of members' EVs, and extensive EV links.


Medicinelakevideo.org promotes the production of video documenting efforts to prevent geothermal development at Medicine Lake Highlands, Siskiyou Co., CA, and presenting true green energy alternatives.


Million tonne club, promotes "personal action" on energy in the fight against global warming.


MREA, the Midwest Renewable Energy Association. MREA is home to THE BEST renewable energy fair in the world. See you there in June. They have fabulous RE workshops all year 'round.


Murdoch University Energy Research Institute, WebRAPS provides info and case studies of RE systems in Western Australia. See systems working on line and access performance data of RE systems.


National Energy Foundation, free information and impartial advice on solar, wind, hydropower, green electricity, wood heating, and biomass.


Northeast Sustainable Energy Asssoc. promotes sustainable energy, building, and transportation. NESEA is a chapter of the American Solar Energy Association and has just celebrated 25 years of promoting Solar.


Oregon Country Fair's Energy Park. OCF's EP is a sustainable technology haven in the middle of the world's best crafts/alternative fair.


Potomac Region Chapter of American Solar Energy Society. Regional solar energy association. Educationally oriented programs, including the 5th annual National High School Student Solar Design Contest.


Redwood Alliance, a grass-roots safe-energy organization. They promote renewables as an alternative to nuclear and fossil fuel.


Renewable Energy Vermont is dedicated to the promotion of renewable energy and the renewable energy industry in Vermont.


Solar Cooking Archive, provides a broad range of information on solar cooking and related activities. Includes plans for solar cookers; the role of solar cookers in development, environmental, social and health issues; directories of international organizations promoters and manufacturers; news; photos and drawings; resources, books and supplies; an e-mail discussion group, and links.


Solar Electric Light Fund, an organization putting photovoltaics on rooftops in third world countries. Featured in Home Power #50.


Solar Energy International, providers of education and technical assistance for renewable energy technologies.


Texas Solar Energy Society, a non-profit organization whose mission is to educate the public about renewable energy sources.


West Wales ECO Centre, UK, is concerned with the promotion of the awareness of the issues surrounding energy use. This includes , renewable technologies, conservation and the impacts of that use.


The Energy Center of Wisconsin’s Wisconsin Solar Use Network’s (WisconSUN), includes info for prospective solar energy system, particularly PV owners, and solar experts looking for informational resources.



Home Power Subscribers' Personal Sites


Forrest Cook's electronic circuits page contains a wide variety of free electronic circuits including a section on solar power circuitry.


Mark Fitzgerald's PV pages. An excellent resource that features a new PV system each week.


Bill Gerosa's electric powered bicycle that is charged by the sun. Enough info to tell you how to do it yourself!


Dale Glaser's solar energy system, a home powered by alternative energy in Ukiah, CA. Good pages about a nice system.


Jerry Halstead's EV conversion of 1985 Mazda with full web based chronicle. Excellent site!


Phil Karn's, personal web pages, including info on electric vehicles, etc.


The Knapp's Homestead, where we are documenting our transformation to a self-reliant lifestyle. Articles on renewables and natural sustainable building.


William Lord's story on how he designed and built his solar electric, grid-intertied home. A great site chock full of good info and graphics!


George Matthews, articles on renewable energy and the reasons for it (geotherapy) and some practical projects: biogas & water hyacinth in Africa.


Dan & Fujiko Metcalf's, take a tour of solar power in the big city. This site is actually running on solar power!


Hugh Piggott's wind-powered home page in Scotland, with travels around the world, self-build hints, links and publications.


Lino Aponte's site to informs Puerto Rico locals about solar energy.


Steve Spence's site for practical renewable, home made energy solutions.


Scott Lee, RE, solar water heating, space heating, and hydraulic ram.


This Site dedicated to the promotion of "Off-Grid Living."


Jim Sluyter and Jo Meller run Five Springs Farm (a community supported agriculture project) and their household on solar and wind power.


Terry Smith, off the grid one step at a time: my attempt at off the grid


Douglas Stockman's Windmills and Zoning Board web site chronicles the battle to gain town approval for the erection of a power-generating wind turbine. Many documents that support wind turbines are on-line for others to use in similar struggles.


Bob Taylor's, actually doing off grid living. A good example of how it works. Check out my EV page also.


Many Tracks, from books to gardening to alternative energy to homesteading. Browse, shop, learn, and have fun.


Cor van de Water's do-it-yourself solar projects, energy saving tips and PV electronics design.



Home Power Advertisers' Sites


ABS Alaskan, provides renewable energy products to Alaska residents.


Schott Applied Power is a national installer/dealer of renewable energy products.


Alternative Energy Store, on-line solar and wind products.


Backwoods Solar Electric Systems, solar electricity for the remote-site home without utility grid. Instructional info and catalog.


BP Solar, manufacturer of solar photovoltaics.


C. Crane Co. retail sales including radios, antennas, battery chargers and more.


Creative Energy Technologies, an alternative energy online retail store offers renewable energy supplies with expert consultation.


Dankoff Solar, manufacturer of solar water pumps, wholesale distributor of other RE products.


Electro Automotive wants to share what they have learned with you. This site can help you discover what kind of electric car (chassis, motor size, voltage, etc.) might work for you.


Electron Connection, an installing dealer that specializes in whole systems.


Energy Conservation Services specializes in solar contracting for hot water, pool, and electric systems.


Energy Outfitters, providing earth-friendly products that make sense for remote homes and off-grid living.


Meridian Solar , photo gallery of renewable enery systems, RE links, & FAQ'S.


Moonlight Solar / Current Electric, Installing dealers of RE equipment, solar home tours, education for homeowners and Electrical / PV installers.


Natural Energy Systems, Inc, backup and renewable energy system design and equipment in the Upper Midwest.


Northern Arizona Wind & Sun, solar electric systems and components since 1979.


Northwest Energy Storage , wholesale and retail of the Hup Solar One battery system and offers a full line of RE equipment.


Offline Solar , including our mission statement and photos of some recent installations.


Planetary Systems, an installing dealer of solar and other RE equipment.


Rolls Battery Engineering, a manufacture of high quality deep cycle, lead-acid batteries engineered for most renewable energy uses. With a line of dual container, non-breakable batteries up to 1104ah.


RV Power Products, designs and manufactures innovative products for solar charging, monitoring, and other related products for home and RV.


Siemens Solar, manufacturer of PV modules.


Simmons Natural Bodycare, manufactured at a solar and micro-hydro powered cottage industry. Even off the grid you've got to stay clean!


Solar Electric Inc., carries a complete line of solar electric and other renewable energy products.


Solar Pathfinder quickly gives you a full year's shade evaluation of several potential solar sites. On line manual, tree canopy studies, pricing, links, and contacts.


SolarSense.com, a retailer of solar electric equipment, including a portable solar electric system.


Solartech3000, provider of renewable energy products, educational resources, and services.


Solar Village Institute, Inc., an installing dealer that specializes in whole systems


Solar Wind Works, installing dealer with a background in home construction, design, engineering, and teaching.


Staber Industries, offering a unique top loading tumble-action washer that is the most efficient washer available for consumers on and off grid.


Sunelco is a full line solar electric distributor specializing in back-up power systems for your home. On-line store for a complete solar electric inventory.


Sun Frost, maker of very efficient refrigerators both for on and off grid.


Surrette Battery, a manufacture of high quality deep cycle, lead-acid batteries engineered for most renewable energy uses. With a line of dual container, non-breakable batteries up to 1104ah.


The Solar Guys, a renewable energy sales, design, and installation business in western North Carolina, specializing in solar, wind, and micro-hydro.


Vanner Power Group is a manufacturer of DC-AC inverters. The web site includes our Solar Select feature, an interactive renewable energy application guide.



Non-WWW Internet Sites (ftp, gopher, and e-mail)


CREST, the Center for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technology. The name says it all. You can obtain a list of their resources by by E-Mailing to info@crest.org. You can Gopher them at gopher.crest.org or Anonymous FTP at ftp.crest.org.


Home Power magazine contacts and information, via return E-Mail info-server. Everything from staff addresses to much of the info available on these web pages.

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