Hysterical ‘Nanny State’ Propaganda: The Fear-Inducing Media Narrative


11th December 2015

By Brendan D. Murphy

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Nanny State Propaganda Warns of “Black Market Childcare Terror Cells” and “Sovereign Citizen Terrorists”.

Warning! Black market childcare has breached our borders! Warning! Terror wave of illicit babysitting has hit Australia and it’s coming to a town near you! Beware! Dangerous “sovereign citizens” question government authority and ask police annoying questions about the law! Alert! Alert! They would just as soon as shoot you or blow up your home as pass you a leaflet explaining your rights!

… or that’s what Australia’s increasingly bizarre TV news and print media would have us believe.

As I write, I ponder the number of facepalm moments I have endured of late, thanks to mainstream (cabal) media. And things seem to have escalated way out of hand, even by their usual bizarre standards. (Never mind that by definition, a “citizen” can’t also be a “sovereign.”)

“The System”, as some of us call it, is ramping up efforts to control and curtail, and ultimately eliminate any and all forms of unapproved, uncontrolled, non-monitored, untaxable activity anyone may even be thinking of engaging in — and watch out, because just thinking about off-the-books babysitting will be a thought crime before you know it! You’ve been warned, all you cunning black market terrorist nannies!

Another Fear-Inducing Media Narrative

A 2005 Australian parliamentary inquiry heard evidence that the black market in childcare could be worth as much as $6 billion. A spokeswoman for the Australian Tax Office (ATO) said they monitored cash economy industries such as in-home care, but had not at that time done a targeted crackdown on nannies. (That is obviously now changing, albeit ten years on.) “There is nothing wrong with paying a nanny in cash as long as the householder meets their obligations for superannuation and pay-as-you-go tax, and as long as the nanny declares the income,’’ the spokeswoman said.1

This approach to taxation isn’t new, as the 2005 reference shows, but the overtly fear-inducing, Orwellian-style media overtones of the recent media discussion parallel the determined efforts (primarily via TV) to demonize all individuals who attempt to assert or preserve and act upon their sovereignty in other areas of life (like travelling on roads, for instance, and having to fend off parasitic and predatory highway patrol cops who have revenue raising quotas to meet). The name of the game is Control. “Control of what?” you ask. Of everything. According to the power plan, everything is – or should be – a taxable and profitable commodity. Everything. 

Every single facet of human existence is to be legislated, supervised, transparent (to the State), documentable, verifiable, quantifiable, paper-worked, signed-off, scrutinized, and preferably taxed — for the good of the nation, you see. You can’t trust anyone… except for the State, of course. It loves you and only wants the best for you. Unless you ask questions, in which case you’re obviously an extremist.

The situation has deteriorated further on the “terrorist nannies” front because of the recently-passed “no jab, no pay” legislation, which is a truly Orwellian fascist piece of legislation if ever there was one. It deliberately targets more informed/curious/untrusting parents who still need financial assistance, effectively using extortion to bend them to the State’s will. The message? “Vaccinate your child or we cut off your benefits.” Needless to say, this has prompted a public outcry from those who are not yet completely taken in by pharmaceutical and governmental propaganda, and people have understandably begun to take matters into their own hands (it’s called having initiative/nous).

With welfare cuts, childcare services become out of reach for many of the financially challenged parents targeted by the “jab” legislation. The intelligent response? To communicate and network with each other and organize childcare groups among themselves, thereby eliminating the tyrannical “middle man” (the System). There used to be a word for this kind of a social dynamic – you may remember it: community. Or, as Big Brother prefers to think of it…

The ‘frightening’ practice of underground anti-vaxxer childcare2

That’s right, folks, “anti-vaxxers” are providing “hotbeds” for disease and radicalization in their suburban terror cells of loopy “freedom of choice” and “self-determination” ideology. Clearly, these extremists who don’t automatically bow to presumed government authority medical dogma are a security threat to the nation and should be shipped to Guantanamo ASAP. Or should we just bring back the good ol’ fashioned lynch mob and have some fun? You know, teach those independent thinkers what kind of trouble asking questions and researching independently can get you in. That’ll learn ’em.

Basically, as a civilian/ordinary mum or dad, organizing your own “daycare” or “play group” is potentially a radicalist/extremist activity and should rightly be left to a trusted guardian/authority – our beloved government in this case. That would be double-plus good.

Rest Easy, the State has the Answers for Us

Need a babysitter at short notice? No trouble at all! The State permits you total unrestrained freedom to hire whoever you choose – as long as they are in the State’s database of approved (controlled, quantified, accounted-for, and TAXABLE) nannies. Now, let’s return to one particular sentence quoted above: “There is nothing wrong with paying a nanny in cash as long as the householder meets their obligations for superannuation and pay as you go tax, and as long as the nanny declares the income.”

Question: Can anyone show us any lawful and legally enforceable CONTRACT between the householder and the government whereby such conditions are stipulated and agreed to by said householder? No? I didn’t think so. And can someone please demonstrate in black and white showing proof of the claim that the “householder” has any such superannuation “obligations,” or that the “nanny” has a lawful obligation to “declare” their “income”? No? I suspected as much. In point of fact, tax in Australia is voluntary, not lawfully enforceable (same as the USA — see Aaron Russo’s excellent documentary America: Freedom to Fascism). Can the government demonstrate at LAW that it has any authority at all over living men and women who do not consent? Hmmm…

Hysterical Nanny State Warns of 'Black Market Childcare Terror Cells' and 'Sovereign Citizen Terrorists' 1

Moreover, have we stopped to consider the very MEANINGS of the terminology used here? Have you looked in a law dictionary for “income,” “nanny,” “householder,” etc.? And how do you know if you even ARE a “householder”? Could it be that you only become one by VOLUNTEERING to/implied consent? How do you define “income”? Does the legal definition and government’s usage of this terminology serve you or does it serve the government? Qui bono?

Even the most quotidian of human activities is utterly unacceptable to the State if we are not fully trackable, traceable, and able to quantify and account for every little facet of said activity along the way. It makes us safer, don’t you see? Want to grab some organic produce from the markets on the weekend? You’ll need a license and rego, thanks (and maybe a quick breath test along the way). You have complete freedom of movement, just as long as you move in precisely the State-prescribed way which has been predetermined as “acceptable,” of course.

And you’ll definitely need to cough up some serious cash for the privilege of a State-approved “vehicle” and “drivers license.” For your own safety, of course. And heaven forbid your registration should lapse for even a day, for did you not know that the INSTANT it does, you magically forget how to work the brake, your eyesight mysteriously degenerates, and you become an imminent danger to every living thing on or within a 500 meter radius of the road? Well you do. This one time, a man whose rego had expired drove through a small country town, and the whole population contracted leprosy overnight. True story.

When is law not law? What if I told you that it’s all bollocks?

“[I] have come to the conclusion that the current legal and political system in use in Australia and its States and Territories has no basis in law.” ~ Sir Harry Gibbs, former Chief Justice of the Australian High Court.

The police on the roads, however, have no regard for law and decreasing regard for decency and common sense too, as they are now merely policy enforcers/revenue raisers, and as such, have resorted to fining car owners who leave the windows down or the car unlocked while it’s “unattended” (as one unfortunate Byron Bay resident recently found out). You read that right. To protect the public, the police are now employed to carry out what is effectively State-sanctioned petty theft. Welcome to Australia.

Legacy Programs

Of course, asking questions has always been frowned upon by authority programs; you’re supposed to OBEY, not ask pesky QUESTIONS, you filthy heretic! Thou shalt not ask thy police officer the difference between a LAW and a STATUTE! Thou shalt not ask thy doctor whether rigorous and honest (not pharma-funded) double-blind controlled trials have been conducted on the vaccines he endorses (or if he even knows what’s in them)! Thou shalt not ask the taxation department for proof of claim! How dare thou! Thou art to submit and be grateful for the privilege! (Now, shut up and eat your gruel.)

It seems that with the waning of the hypnotic spell of the Catholic church’s guilt complex (original sin, etc.), we have witnessed not the transcendence of such deleterious guilt programming, but the mere transference and dispersion of it into other areas of human life (virtually all of them, actually). For instance, look at the mind-boggling notion of church “indulgences” – basically a “pay your way to heaven” program that matched “sins” with an appropriate monetary value which the “sinner” paid the church to square things up with ol’ Yahweh and book a seat on the cloud. Now we instead pay the government income taxes for the privilege of lying endlessly to us and assaulting us and destroying our freedom in myriad different ways; we have the police on the roads fining us senseless for the privilege of exercising our “right to free travel,” and so forth.

Here in Australia, the “Lucky Country”, we are lucky enough to just keep our heads above water with all this freedom inundating us. We pay the State to sate it and hopefully it will leave us alone; we used to pay our way out of “hell” or purgatory in advance, but now we pay our way out of jail time in advance! In the Lucky Country you’re basically guilty/sinful/criminal until redeemed by the saviour (no longer Christ, but our hard-earned cash).

We haven’t really outgrown religion, we have just adopted different kinds of modern, socially acceptable religion, which really all still come under the one original category of Blind Faith in External Authority (a.k.a. the “External Authority” program). This program manifests in many ways that are highly transparent in today’s world if you have relatively educated eyes.

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