“Warriors of Peace”

a Program



In all original societies the warriors were responsible for the safe keeping of the people.  It was the warriors who protected the people.  It was the warriors who kept the Peace.  All cultures depend on Peace for their very existence.  Without Peace there can be no success, there can be no “culture” at all.


As so eloquently stated by the creator of the “Art of Peace”, Morihei Ueshiba


The Art of Peace does not rely on weapons or brute force to succeed; instead we put ourselves in tune with the universe, maintain peace in our own realms, nurture life, and prevent death and destruction.  The true meaning of the term samurai is one who serves and adheres to the power of love.


Let’s itemize this to better understand the full responsibilities.


Those who practice the Art of Peace must protect the domain of Mother Nature, the Divine Reflection of creation, and keep her lovely and fresh.


The Art of Peace is based on four great virtues: 

Bravery, Wisdom, Love and Friendship,

symbolized by

Fire, Air, Earth and Water.


In becoming a member of the Warrior Society you sign on to be a “Warrior of Peace”.  You are expected to attend “Warrior classes” regularly and punctually.  You are also expected to attend the “Peace Council” which is held monthly. 


The Warrior Class is direct training in the martial art Aikido.  These classes are held twice weekly in each location.


The “Peace Council” is a regular meeting of Warrior Society members where they discuss issues of a personal, spiritual, social or physical nature.  It is a free and open discussion with full expression encouraged.  The “Talking Stick” method of discourse is used where the holder of the “Talking Stick” can fully speak his/her mind until finished and then passed on to next speaker.

The Peace Council will from time to time invite special guests.  For instance, a member of Tom Brown’s Trackers Association or a storyteller from various tribes might be invited.


We do not wish to offend any Nation of  “American Indian”.  If our “Way” appears like or similar to any specific Nation it is because it is a reflection of a Universal Truth and not an attempt to copy or mimic or otherwise belittle.


Underlying all religions is the value of Respect.  Respect in all things.

            Respect our Spirit Ancestors

            Respect our Spirit Helpers

            Respect our Teachers

            Respect all Nations

                        “The Creatures of the Sea” Nation

                        “Crawlies of the Ground” Nation

                        "Plant Nation"

                        “Wing’ed of the Air” Nation

                        “Four Legged” Nation

                        “Two Legged” Nation


Promotion or advancement is the objective.  Teachers of the Warriors for Peace Program advance their students based on the student individual progress.  They do not advance strictly by external standards alone.  External standards are, however, a good way to quantify progress.


“Counting Coup” is an event that could have been a negative conflict that was made harmonious by the actions of a warrior.  “Counting Coup” is one way of accumulating points for eligibility for promotion.  The “Counting Coup” event must be witnessed by another person in order to be counted.


Promotion is from one “Society” to another.  Each new Society signifies growth into a “Greater Spirit” Society.









Each Society membership allows the member to wear a headband in activities of the Program.  Each headband shall have a standard icon representing society membership.