A Mohawk Wedding Prayer

I will tell you of my love for my spirit mate. One who cares deeply for Mother Earth, and all things the Great One creates. My mate cares for the land, the waters, the air, the forest and all the animals; the birds, the fish great and small.

My love's devotion for the land does not go unheeded, for the one I love is a Caretaker, one who helps keep it. One who experiences great joy, just being needed, both by the Earth and all who dwell within her.

How grateful I am to share this love, a love that is boundless and knows no end.

I will give the best of my being, as has been given to me. My trust, my love, my life I will give freely.

Mother Earth, Great Spirit, Creator of all knowing, may my love always know how much I cherish our bond. Years we have spent together, learning each other, may our love remain pure, our love is forever.

We have become one mind, one body, one spirit, as husband and wife, and forever we shall be spirit mates.

Shon-kwia-tis-hon, bless us as we follow the path of life, help us to learn, and grow with the seasons. As we become older, may we find our love refreshed, as though we were young and beginning life's journey. Together forever, you will never leave my heart!