The Values That Make A Spiritual Warrior

Be honest, work on yourself, live your truth, make mistakes, make amends, listen, move past defensiveness.

Become a . . . Spiritual Warrior
You have a heart and a mind . . . use them both.
Be open to support from your spirit guides.

Live inside your body . . . Be Alive ... live each moment.
Take your own advice, live and let live.
Take things as they come . . .
and forgive yourself when you don't.

Be mindful and spontaneous at the same time.
Move past one-sidedness.
See the beauty and perfection in . . .

Be open to change and . . . Let go! Be open to joyfulness.
Believe in yourself and others; synchronicity and grace.
Let Gratitude fill you up and let it flow to others.
Show the same patience to others that Creator has
shown to you. Be flexible and tolerant; include yourself.

Become a . . . Shadow Dancer
The light, the dark . . . no difference.
All was made by Creator.

Never take advantage of others . . .remember the Natural Laws, that you see all around you.
Seek to empower those you serve . . .
Avoid comparing yourself and your gifts as less or more than others.
Let go of all competition... be the best person you can be.

Believe in abundance.
Hold the vision for those who seek your guidance
and offer them loving kindness . . . all guidance comes to you from Creator... you need only ask.
Do not make others hostage to your ideas of who they should be. Let them be as they are meant to be... our strength is in our differences.
Remember ALL comes from Creator

Let there always be an equal exchange of energy
between you and those you serve, so as not to create
confusion or a "less than" relationship.

Experience fully your loving feelings and body responses for others, but have loving boundaries.
Never shame another for his/her loving sexual and non-sexual feelings

Create a big, fat, safe container that allows and encourages these bright beautiful spirits to cook in . . . so the fires of change can work their magic on us all.

Remember . . . we are all traveling on the Path of Life...
walking our path as best we can.
Life is a Circle... taking us back to Creator, where we all came from.
So treat others as you want to be treated - with
consideration, dignity and respect, no matter who they are. Remember they too are a child of Creator.

Creator's choice of different colors of people, Yellow,
White, Black and Red, is a reminder to us all of the
Medicine Wheel and the four directions.
THESE should always be respected.

Each of us is Creator's Favorite Child.