Current Colorado River Info

Current Lake Powell storage is 8,333 thousand acre-feet (KAF) (34 percent of capacity). Lake Mead storage is 15,378 KAF (59 percent of capacity). Total system storage is 30,531 KAF (51 percent of capacity). Lake Powell elevation is 3560.00 feet.

The Projected April-July forecast for the Colorado River is 9.0 million acre- feet or 113 percent of average as of February 21, 2005.

Yesterday, the average Colorado River flows were 1232 cfs near the Yuma Fourth Avenue Bridge and 2648 cfs at the Northerly International Boundary. The average release from Painted Rock Dam was 1380 cfs and Alamo Dam was 2020 cfs. The Morelos Dam diversions for the week of February 21, 2005 are expected to be 2930 cfs.

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