Sylvan Source Launches Ultra-Clean Water System for the Home at PCBC

June 1, 2005

Sylvan Source, the provider of ultra-clean water systems, launched the Sylvan Source M-600 System, an automatic, self-contained, ultra-clean water system for the home that reduces contaminants effectively. Unlike traditional water filtration, RO, and distillation products, the Sylvan Source M-600 is the first system designed for residential installation that integrates degassing, distillation and demisting technologies into an automated system and eliminates the need for cleaning, chemical additions, filters or membranes.

"Sylvan Source employs multiple patent-pending technologies that make the M-600 clearly superior to any other product on the market for reducing contaminants," said Laura Demmons, chief executive officer. "Its innovative design virtually eliminates the need for homeowners to maintain the system and assures consistent high water quality and outstanding taste."

Consumers are increasingly concerned about water quality as declining water aquifers and other fresh water supplies, population pressures, and aging public water infrastructures are combining to decrease availability of safe, clean water. Agricultural pesticides, manufacturing solvents, and discarded chemicals contaminate groundwater supplies. Antiquated chlorination processes used in city water systems to prevent the spread of water-borne diseases create known, cancer-causing trihalomethanes (THMs). In addition, an estimated 15 to 40 million people in the U.S. have MTBE, a by-product of hydrocarbon refinement, in their tap water or at their water source, and more than 20 million drink water known to have been contaminated by perchlorate, a salt of perchloric acid, in their tap water. Traditional home purification systems are not able to remove all undesirable gases, organic compounds, and inorganic solids.

The Sylvan Source M-600 integrates degassing, distillation, and demisting technologies into a unique multi-step, ultra-clean water process. The first step removes dissolved gases and organic compounds using a degassing process and discharges them from the system. The degassed water then enters a boiling chamber for distillation, where bacteria and viruses are killed. Steam, mist, and heavy mist droplets containing contaminants are sent to a demisting chamber, where the mists are centrifuged and contaminated droplets are separated and discharged, while only pure steam is cooled and condensed into ultra-clean water.

Unlike conventional filtration, RO and distillation systems that require regular equipment cleaning, de-scaling, or filter changes, the Sylvan Source M-600 system requires no cleaning, uses no added chemicals, and has no filters, or membranes. It can be used for multiple applications where demand ranges from two to six gallons per day, such as kitchen sinks and refrigerator icemakers.

"The Sylvan Source unit miniaturizes conventional chemical engineering equipment to strip volatiles from water and cyclone dirty steam away from the product, all in a compact and efficient device," said Anthony Pavone, chemical engineering professor at Stanford University. "The Sylvan unit provides an elegant and simple solution to the problem of removing both solids - dissolved and suspended - and volatiles from raw water."

Sylvan Source also announced that Purcell Murray Company, a distributor of premium kitchen and bath products, has been named a master distributor for the new Sylvan Source M-600 product.

"We are delighted to represent the Sylvan Source M-600 product," said Tim Murray, president of Purcell Murray Company. "We believe that consumers will increasingly require the Sylvan Source M-600 in the new homes they purchase, and that this demand will soon qualify the product as a necessity, rather than simply a luxury amenity."

The Sylvan Source M-600 will be on display in the Purcell Murray booth, #6301, at PCBC 2005, June 1 to June 3, at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. The Sylvan Source M-600 system will be available nationwide through premium appliance distributors.

"We are very excited to be able to offer this product to our homebuyers as we believe it is an important feature that they will appreciate," said Lydia Lyons, vice president of marketing for SummerHill Homes. "We believe that our homebuyers will welcome the opportunity to incorporate a system into their homes that helps provide healthy water and living environment."

Source: Sylvan Source   June 1, 2005