During Arizona’s period of reliance on the vertically integrated utility model, what renewable energy programs were enacted in Arizona?


Arizona Public Service Company and Tucson Electric Power Company led the state in renewables efforts. Both companies developed and installed a number of solar demonstration projects. APS developed the Solar Testing and Research (STAR) Center in Tempe, which has tested dozens of different types of solar technologies and packaged products.


Since Arizona’s adoption of a competitive electric market model, what renewable energy programs have been enacted in Arizona?


The three largest Arizona electric utilities (APS, SRP, and TEP) have all instituted "greenpricing" programs to assist in obtaining funding for new renewables.

Since the Commission's Retail Electric Competition rules were passed in 1996, each of the three major utilities have installed large photovoltaic arrays to produce electricity. SRP and TEP have both installed landfill gas generators, and APS has been trying to sign a contract with other landfill gas developers.

These efforts are in response to Arizona's Environmental Portfolio Standard Requirements.

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