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Arizona Passes 15 Percent Renewable Energy Standard

Renewable energy technologies got a boost in an Arizona Corporation Commission vote this week. In a state known for its sunshine but not as well known for large, swiftly moving rivers and streams or large-scale geothermal opportunities, state regulators set high standards for renewable energy, hoping to capitalize on Arizona's sunshine and other renewable energy technologies.



Group says Arizona should introduce renewable energy mandates

Arizona should take the lead in developing solar and other renewable energy sources by mandating that renewables provide 20 percent of total electricity consumed statewide by 2020, a consumer group said in a report unveiled Thursday.

Trends in Greenhouse Gas Emissions (posted 04/27/05)

In 2003, approximately 86 percent of the energy consumed in the United States was produced through the combustion of fossil fuels.

Electricity generators consumed 35 percent of U.S. energy from fossil fuels and emitted 41 percent of the CO2 from fossil fuel combustion in 2003.

Trends in Greenhouse Gas Emissions  (Full report in PDF)


End-Use Consumption of Electricity 2001

Electricity is consumed for a wide variety of uses in the home. This web product presents a detailed account of the amount of electricity used to operate numerous appliances in 2001.

Essential to economies, electric power is in the spotlight worldwide

Though politics continue to prevent passage of comprehensive national energy legislation, US electricity demand for 2005 is expected to increase 2.1%

GREAT NEW ANNOUNCEMENT!  (Posted 02/19/05)


Executive Summary Proposed EPS Changes

or for the full report:    EPS-StaffRpt-01-21-05.pdf


Arizona Public Policy

These are recommendations for Arizona's solar industry:


The Case for Decentralized Generation of Electricity

Highly centralized generation of electrical power is a paradigm that has outlived its usefulness. Decentralized generation could save $5 trillion in capital investment, reduce power costs by 40 percent, reduce vulnerabilities, and cut greenhouse gas emissions in half.

Legal requirements and rules in being an electric utility company in Arizona.


Annual Report Arizona Corporations Commission 01-02.pdf

Energy Net Imports.pdf

Appliances Consumption Tables.pdf

Appliances Expenditures Tables.pdf

2001 Consumption and Expenditures.pdf

Appliances Consumption Tables.pdf


Electric Contraints Map.pdf

Utility Company Laws and Rules 11-00rules.pdf


House Gasoline Shortage Working Group

Final Report 1/21/04 Arizona Fuel Supply Report


AZ Energy Infrastructure.pdf

This analysis of energy infrastructure covers the electricity, natural gas and petroleum product industries in Arizona and the Western United States

Alternative Energy (posted 3/30/04)

State regulators renewed their commitment to cleaner energy [on Feb. 10] by increasing the amount of power some of Arizona's biggest electric utilities would have to derive from renewable resources such as solar, water and wind.

Retail Electric Competition Answers to Frequently Asked Questions  (posted 3/9/04)

In the past, your electric utility operated as a monopoly. It both generated and delivered energy to you. In this new era, these combined services will be split into at least 2 parts - generation and delivery.

Renewable Portfolio Standard programs by state (posted 7/17/03)

This map depicts the status of the Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) by state. There are 13 states that have enacted a requirement where a certain percentage of the energy provided by the utilities in those states must be derived from renewable resources, like wind, solar, landfill gas-to-energy, biomass, or geothermal.

"Stranded Costs" in Arizona (posted 4/11/03)

A history of how each utility company has been allowed to recover costs from consumers.

Retail Access in Arizona (posted 4/11/03)

Retail access has been opened to areas of APS, SRP & TEP.

Arizona's Net Generation of Electricity versus it's Use (posted 3/10/03)

Do we generate enough for our own use?

Arizona's Utility Capacity (Today & Projected) (posted 3/10/03)

Excerpts from Staff Report

The State of Arizona, Utilities Commission minutes of the recent "Generic Docket". Some pages have been extracted and highlighted to show emphasis.

Response to Docket

Our letter to the Utility Commissions of the State of Arizona in response to the reading of the "Generic Docket".

NEA-ESCO's Position Paper

Our stated position on the current state of energy generation and where and how we ought to go.

Utility Commissions Authority

Defects in the wholesale market

Disincentives for Renewable Technology's Growth

During Vertical Renewables

History of Retail Electric Competition in AZ

How Does Competition effect Renewables

Is Residential Choice Real?

Natural gas pipeline

Pollution control measures

Are Electric prices controlled by Natural Gas Prices?

Replace Dirty Plants?

Security Since Sept11

What Incentives Competitive Market?

What Incentives Vertical Market?

Summary of Alternatives in Arizona: State Approach

Transmission Distribution Renewables

Transmission constraints

AZ Manufactures Solar Products

Detailed information about who manufactures solar products in Arizona, how to contact them.

SRP EarthWise.htm

SRP Solar Choice.htm

Two different programs for customers of SRP.

APS Solar Price.htm

One program of APS designed for promotion of Solar usage.

SunShare PV Buydown

TEP's program for those in TEP's area.

Environmental Portfolio Standard Minutes

    February, 2001

    March, 2001 

    April, 2001

    May, 2001

    June, 2001

    July, 2001

    August, 2001

    September, 2001

    October, 2001

    January, 2002

    February, 2002

    EPS Final Rules


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