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Greenroof Benefits

Vegetated roof covers add value by:

  • Extending the service life of roofs,
  • Reducing energy costs,
  • Conserving valuable commercial space that would otherwise be required to provide stormwater runoff controls, and
  • Increasing property values.

Roofmeadow® vegetated roof cover

Roofmeadow® vegetated roof covers are engineered systems which consist of three primary layers which overlie the waterproofing membrane of the roof deck.

  1. Foliage
  2. Growth media and principal root zone
  3. Drain layer

Soy-Based Coatings

“Americans average 16 hours each day in man-made structures filled with artificial lighting, regurgitated conditioned air and the potential of being exposed to off-gassing of toxic substances.”

Green Roof

A roof that has been covered with a dense mat of growing plants is called a Green Roof or a Living Roof. With a Green Roof, a waterproof membrane is installed on the roof, which then is covered with about 4 inches of soil and planted tightly with low-growing succulent and alpine plants.


The roof is a forgotten element on most buildings. Unnecessarily. Designed and built as a sustainable element, roofs can be environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing.



GREEN ROOF BLOCKS are ready to install



 an award-winning PC-based design tool, helps architects and building designers quickly identify the most cost-effective, energy-saving measures for small commercial and residential buildings.

energy_10 purchase info

ENERGY-10 can be ordered through the Sustainable Buildings Industries Council.


Electricity to such buildings is provided by on-site or near-site power generators using one or more of the many options: internal combustion (IC) engines, combustion turbines, mini- or micro-turbines, and fuel cells.

CHP Basics

Integrated systems for CHP in buildings are beneficial to the building owners as well as the society in general and the nation.

Achieving Energy Efficiency in Buildings that Utilize Subsidized Electrical Energy

This article concludes that the foreseen benefits of improving buildings' energy efficiency on the national level outweigh those on the individual level. For that reason, it is suggested that the government adopt a national energy efficient building operation campaign.

Certification Project (posted 3/10/03)

Mono-Crystall PV Cells (posted 3/10/03)



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