Energy Management for Communities


Ten golden Rules of (CO2) Monitoring for Municipalities


Climate Alliance Indicators

I. The local authority as consumer and model

II. The local authority as planner and regulator

III. The local authority as supplier and provider

IV. The local authority as advisor and promotor


Climate Alliance Declaration

Hundreds of European municipalities have already joined the Climate Alliance. In many cases, our efforts go beyond those of nation states.

An applicable internet based monitoring system for local authorities in the area of renewable energies

The Climate Alliance of European Cities wants to offer information and tools to its member municipalities and to other European communities to support the development of renewable energies and the monitoring of progress on the local level.

Getting to Clean and Green

Getting to Clean and Green: 5 Practical First Steps to "Solar"  in Your Community


Concepts for Using DER

Improve Energy Surety in Energy


Links to Air Quality, how are we doing in keeping our "nest" clean?

Air Quality Index

Increasingly, radio, TV, and newspapers are providing information like this to local communities. But what does it mean to you ...if you are planning outdoor activities that day? ...if you have children who play outdoors? ...if you are an older adult? ...if you have asthma?


Ideas about how we can DO SOMETHING about it!!


UsingRenewableforRobustCommunity.pdf (posted 10/07/03)

Designing a Community Energy Project

Some helpful suggestions and ideas about energy production for a community.

Overview of Energy Management Programs

An overview of the current Government options for upgrading to clean, renewable technology. 

Federal Resources Energy

An overview of several Federal Programs available for our utilization in regearing our communities. 


A government study on the feasibility and direction of conversion of government buildings into more energy efficiency.

Scottsdale Green

An example of a successful partnership between the City of Scottsdale and APS. 

Performance Contracting

What is "Performance Contracting"? Our federally employed partners know.


For the government people who have avenues for energy improvements that the rest of us do not have.


Special funding availabilities for state and local governments.


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