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Ceres Power develops 1 kW micropower fuel stack able to run average home

AIM-listed Ceres Power Holdings plc said it has successfully designed, built and tested a 1 kilowatt fuel cell stack generating sufficient power for the average home.  It said the Ceres Stack is smaller and lighter than a typical car battery.


Living Unplugged

n In HPart 1: One family's valiant quest to kick the oil habit--and how you can (try to) do it, too.

According to the Department of Energy, the average American household uses 29-plus kilowatt-hours per day; the author uses fewer than three in his 2200-sq.-ft. home.

Energy independence is a compelling concept these days, not just for nations but for individual homeowners as well.

Cold Comfort

Part 2: Harnessing Vermont's frigid winter to keep food cool and electricity usage down. 

Since the fall of 2005, my family has been on a quest to reduce our dependence on external energy sources in our northern Vermont home. We've been documenting our journey.  One of the biggest drains on our electricity supply--which comes from solar power supplemented by a gas-powered generator--is

Residential Windmill Preventive Maintenance

  By David Sweetman

All moving machinery requires some form of preventive maintenance, even if the bearings are permanently lubricated.  The following suggestions are some items that should be considered by the homeowner of a windmill.

Residential Solar Cost

A study over several years of costs involved in several projects throughout the US.


Detailed Cost Estimate

from local installer


Solar Installation Cost Estimate

A recent Estimate of Cost from a local retail shop for the installation of a photovoltaic system on a small off-grid home.


Watts In Our House

An Excel spreadsheet of electric generation in a small house off the grid.


Analyzing Your Electricity Loads

Try this site out, this might help make things more clear.


Components of Sustain

What is sustainable building? What are the elements that should be incorporated?

The Skinny on Green Roofs

Not only do green roofs protect your roof membrane, they also add insulation and beauty to your roof. A green roof system is an extension of the existing roof, and not potted plants as many assume.

Retiring Your Refrigerator

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) says that every appliance has two price tags: a purchasing price and an operating cost. In any home, the refrigerator is typically the largest consumer of electricity. The idea of using the cold air outside makes so much sense; one has to ask why it is not done.


Here is a wonderful website, try it out!

It can give you a very quick, computerized analysis of your situation.

Home & Outdoor Living Water Requirements

Typical residential water usage for people, appliances, and activities. Pertains to evaluating adequacy of private well and water supply quantity and flow rate, and loads on onsite residential septic systems.

Planting on Your Septic Drain Field

How To Build a Septic System



This is a great, "how to produce and use your own methane" from HomePower Magazine

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