GrandFather Fire

Fire Energy Prayer


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A number of people can predict the future. But few get the timing correct. Stalking Wolf, also called "Grandfather", was an Apache wise man and scout who grew up outside the influence of the white man.  His  many predictions not only came true in the MANNER he predicted, but also WHEN he predicted.

What exactly is fire?

Is it purely energy? What state of matter is it? I suspect it's highly energetic gases, whose energy state is so high that they emit light, and thus we see flame, with the hotter flames being higher in electromagnetic energy. But I've never seen any source explaining exactly what fire is.

On Fire

Combustion turns out to be a complex interaction between molecules -- even the burning of a simple five-atom molecule can involve more than 100 individual chemical reactions.

How Does Fire Work?

"A rapid, persistent chemical reaction that releases heat and light, especially the exothermic combination of a combustible substance with oxygen."

The stormy Sun affecting the human life and the technology

The origins and fate of life on Earth are intimately connected to the way the Earth responds to the Sun's variations.


A definition and chemical analysis


A closer look at Homa Therapy and Agnihotra

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The Fire Next Time by Alex Hawes    Grandfather Fire

Grandfather Fire and Grandmother Earth


How Cultee's Grandfather Acquired a Guardian Spirit

How Grandfather Peyote came to the people

The Huichol Indians

Huichol Indians

I honor my Grampa Peņa


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